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Flex your mouse-hovering muscles!

To celebrate their second SL anniversary, Tyranny Designs is holding a L$0 secret sale at its stores in Bazaar of Gor and Atomic Island. At each location there are 12 items marked down to L$0, until September 1st. All you have to do is hover your mouse over each ad board (Make sure you have View > Tooltips checked in your viewer!) to find the freebies. I’m not going to give them all away, but here are just a few of the lovely items to be found for zero pennies. You’ll find both fantasy and contemporary clothing at both stores (and make sure you check all of the ads at both stores; some items are full-priced at one store but free at the other!)

This low-rise skirt is very low-rise, especially at the back ;)

Mar’s hair in these pics (unless stated) is the freebie Skylynn from Damselfly at Savoir Hair.

Hop behind the cut for more!

This outfit comes complete with the shoes. Jewellery is by Ticky Tacky, hair by ETD:

August 29, 2010 - Posted by | freebies, limited time offers, second life, secret sales

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