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Inventory Management: Pre-logout routine

Here’s a quick inventory management tip. It’s one that I’ve been using for a few weeks now (ever since I cleared out those two thousand old landmarks) and it’s working well for me.

At the end of every day in Second Life, or every individual shopping trip, we don’t always have time to try on what we’ve bought, or even to file it away (be that into a ‘new stuff to try on and fit’ folder, or into the folders that we’ve already organised for various clothing and other items). But what we do have time for, because it only takes a minute or two, is a quick weeding-out session of the items we’ve purchased and obtained that day.

Hop behind the cut for more!

Before you log out of SL for the day, open up your inventory and head into the Recent Items tab. Click File > Show Filters and a new side window will pop out. On this window, click the None button, and watch in horror as your entire inventory goes pouf! Don’t worry: everything’s still there ;) You’re just filtering it, and right now you’ve set it to show nothing at all.

Now check the Notecards, Landmarks, and Scripts buttons in the Filter list. After a second or so you should see only those items in the inventory window, like this:

You can now hold down the CTRL key and click each of those items (not the folders; just the LMs and notecards and scripts [if there are any] themselves) then delete them. Some stuff you may want to keep, but this is a very quick way to stop your inventory filling up with duplicate LMs and tons of notecards. Once you’ve finished, click the All button, and then go back to the menu and then File > Reset Filters. You’ll now see everything you obtained today (told you it was all still there!)

This is what Mar threw out after today’s quick sorting session:

Twenty-one items might not seem like much, but multiply that by a week and you’ll soon see how quickly it mounts up. Make this quick pre-logout session a new habit. It really does only take a minute or so, and it’s a great on-the-go method of keeping your inventory tidy.


August 7, 2010 - Posted by | inventory management, second life

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