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Pixel pretties and a giggle

For a very limited time only, Pixeldolls have two samples of dresses available free at their Nakama location. For a while now, at their mainstore location, they have been giving a sample of their new releases in a single colour, so that customers can try them out. Mar headed over to the Nakama location to pick up the new dresses, and they’re gorgeous.

These are free for a very limited time. You’ll find them on the floor under the main ads for the dresses. But that’s not all you can pick up at that location! Hop behind the cut for some lovely retro-style swimsuits that double as nice tops, plus a giggly gift from Baby Monkey’s group.

These Pinup swimsuits are also free samples at the Nakama location of Pixeldolls. As before, they’re on the floor beneath the main ads for the swimsuits. They come on underwear and shirt layer, and they work both as swimming cossies and great tops with skirts and pants. I love it when clothes do double-duty!

Finally, in the Baby Monkey Junkies group (free to join) there’s a hilarious gift of the “Oops!” Pumps & Paper. I’m sure we’ve all had this happen to us at one time or another, much to our mortification. Pick them up and stash them away for when you need a lulzy addition to an outfit, perhaps for a fun party :)


August 6, 2010 - Posted by | beachwear, dresses, freebies, limited time offers, second life, shoes, vintage fashion

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