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Discount shopping at Glam Affair (again!)

I hopped back to the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture Discount Room again today (this post will tell you exactly how to find it) and there were lots of new items out (and quite a bit of lag in the sim, so it’s probably a good idea to wait a day or so before you head over there; Sim FPS was down to just one, which equals pixel molasses).

Everything from the room that I’m showing here costs just L$10 per item.

First up, are the gorgeous Inverness leather pants. You get system pants that can be worn with and without the prim cuffs. Mar picked up the Philadelphia top to wear with it (it also has long gloves, but those didn’t work so well with Mar’s prim nails, so she’s not wearing those here), and also the Alva hair brown fatpack.

Hop behind the cut for a couple more outfits.

The Janess corset style tops are gorgeous and come in a range of colours. Mar also picked up the A&A Amberlei Collier Pure collar/necklace. This is modifiable, so she tinted it darker, removed the fullbright, and added a low shine (and yes, it wasn’t until I’d logged off that I realised you can’t see it very well against the background in the left-hand pic. Sorry about that!).

Finally, some different colours: the Inverness pants in black, the Janess top in black, the A&A Amberlei Collier Pure Black, and the blonde fatpack of Alva hair:

Shoes are by Kalnins and prim nails are by Love Soul.


July 27, 2010 - Posted by | accessories, cheapies, hair, second life

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