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Home Sweet cheap (and free!) Home

Thought I’d bring you something other than fashion and skins today! I was going through some group notices when I spotted that the Gentlemen Bastards have extended their ‘Flaming June Fire Sale’ into July, with cheap homes for as little as L$5. I can never resist prices like that, so I hopped over to their store to check it out.

When I got there, I noticed the Midnight Mania board first of all, and this is something all of you Lara Crofts and Indiana Joneses should be running for! It’s a fabby atmospheric Ruined Temple build which would be perfect for roleplay, or even for getting together with some friends in a really different environment. The board will lock down at just 35 clicks, so give it a slap!

Hop behind the cut to see what else I found!

Right by the Midnight Mania board is the lucky chair. When you land, go up the stone stairs into the store and towards the back (past the very cosy seating area!) and you’ll find them:

The lucky chair seems to have frequent wildcards, so it’s worth hanging around. Mar managed to snag two buildings, and both of them are fairly low-prim and roomy, which would give you lots of space to furnish them.

First up, the Waterfront Shack. As well as the huge skylight windows, this also has a big fenced decking area at the front that you can sit out on. The door is a simple walk-through affair:

The other lucky chair gift that Mar got is a bit of a jaw-dropper. The Futurehome is big and sleek and curved and glossy, and it looks gorgeous when you start playing around with Windlight settings:

Anyway, enough of the freebies. Let’s get to the cheapies! The fire sale is going in in the basement, so head down the stairs in the store and through the Beggars Day clothing section (lots of fun and funky grunge stuff down there, so stop to check those out because they have good prices!) right to the back. Click the door open and step inside the sale room. It’s a bit dark and spooky, but it’s got lots of cheap goodies inside. Mar just snagged a few of them.

First, we have this pretty Open Roman Ruin for just L$5 and if I had a garden I would be putting this there. It would be a nice place to relax and hang out :)

Next up, a quaint little Thatched Cottage for just L$5. These fire sale buildings don’t have any doors (which is probably why they’re so cheap) but it’s an easy matter to just make your own door. Simply rez a prim to fill the space, texture it with a door texture (we all have some, by Marlin Studios, in our inventory Libraries) and if you want to walk through it simply edit its properties under the Object tab and check the ‘Phantom’ button (make sure you don’t link it to the rest of the house, though, or the whole house will become phantom!)

This next one is called Large Open Studio and it’s L$25. I’d actually call it HUGE Open Studio, because it’s massive! Talk about roomy! It has two floors with two big rooms and one smaller side room on the lower floor. For all its size, though, it’s only 52 prims. Now that’s what I call prim economy ;)

A nifty little building called the One Way Wood & Smoked Glass Home is just that: wood and brick on the outside, but on the inside it’s smoked glass. You can see out but people can’t see in (unless they get tricky and start camming). This would make a great skybox or underwater home, and it’s just L$10:

Here’s Mar, standing on the porch of the L$25 Stained Glass Home:

Why stained glass? Head upstairs and you’ll see!

The homes at Gentlemen Bastards may not come with all the scripted doors and windows that people are so used to in Second Life, but they’re simple, low-prim, and atmospheric, and those are all pluses in my book! The group notice did say that the store will be undergoing a refit in preparation for the upcoming Steam Hunt, so be aware that things may move around a little before the hunt starts. Hopefully everything will be roughly where I’ve said it will be!


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