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Don’t get mad; get Moody

UPDATE: Please note that the free shoes have been moved to the Stiletto Moody Outlet store, as lag in the mainstore was causing problems for people trying to buy other items. I’ve updated this post with the new SLurl.

OK ladies, gird your loins. You’re gonna need all your lag-battling skills for this, so make sure you read this post in its entirety before hightailing it to grab these gifts. OK, ready?

Free Stiletto Moody shoes.

*picks self up off floor after being crushed by the stampede*

Not heard of Stiletto Moody? Let me enlighten you. They are to Second Life what Jimmy Choo is to First Life. Their shoes retail for mind-blowing prices in-world, and for the duration of their current 40% off sale (no end date given, but it may be pretty quick) they have decided to re-give last year’s massively successful free group gift in their store: the Lana shoes in red. So if, like Mar, you missed out last year, read on because I have some tips for you.

Hop behind the cut.

Firstly, you need to join the Stiletto Moody group and have your group tag active. Make sure you do this before you try to teleport into the store. The lag there is bad; it’s taking long enough for things to rez and for avatars to move, so the last thing you want is to be standing around and waiting while your group tag changes.

Then, try to get into the Stiletto Moody store. I say ‘try’ because Mar had to attempt more than 15 times before she got in. Go when it’s quieter: morning in the US (all zones) if at all possible. Mar got in when the avatar count got down below 35 on the map.

Once you’ve landed, move forward and into the store (in massively laggy areas, flying is faster than trying to walk. It’s still like flying through soup, but it is a bit quicker). Once inside, look to your far left and you’ll see another large room leading off the main store. That’s where you need to go. (You’ll probably only have to follow the massive crowd of avatars!) Inside there, you need to turn around and face the way you just came, and the shoes will be at head height to your left.

UPDATE: The shoe is in the middle of the outlet store. It has been moved from the side room of the mainstore because lag was making it difficult for other customers to buy anything. You can still get the free bracelet at the above location (SLurl for the bracelet only is here. See further down for the SLurl to get the shoes).

Be patient. Right-click the box and pay it L$1. It will be paid back to you, and then you just have to wait. It took ten minutes for Mar’s shoes to be delivered. While you’re waiting, turn around and look behind you for this free box bangle, too. Again, pay the box L$1, it will be paid back to you, and you can wait for your bangle.

If tons of people are clicking over and over again and getting nothing, speak up. Suggest, as Mar did, that everyone stop clicking for a minute or two, to give the server a chance to catch up. And good luck!

Your limo awaits: Stiletto Moody (NOTE: The shoe has been moved to this store now.)

Hint: Once you arrive at the landing point, click that teleport link again and choose the ‘Show on Map’ button. Minimise the map once it pops up, and you’ll see a big red arrow leading you toward the shoes.


July 13, 2010 - Posted by | accessories, group freebies, limited time offers, second life, shoes

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