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New Dressing Room Blue collection, and three free sets of skins!

Happy weekend! It’s a flipping hot one here in the UK (well, hot for us, anyway!) and Mar’s been hopping all over the grid today to bring you some goodies. The main subject of this blogpost is the new collection at The Dressing Room Blue, but I also have a limited time offer (this weekend only!) free skin from Tuli to show you, plus Subscribe-o-matic and group gift skin packs from Nomine and Sn@tch.

Hop behind the cut!

As always, this isn’t a full list of everything at The Dressing Room Blue, so head over there and check out the other items on offer.

First up, though, is this stunning red dress with three sculpt skirt options (only two shown here) from Baiastice. Mar’s teamed it with the new customisable-like-woah release from Kalnins Shoes (limited time 50% off price, so what you see there will be double that when the sale is done. If you like, go grab! You’ll need to be a member of their ‘infochannel’ [kind of like a subscribe-o-matic] to get them at that price. They’re not ‘nowty’ but they’re excellent shoes that are currently at an awesome price. Click the rotating pillars in the store to join). The hair is a freebie from Damselfly at Savoir Hair, and is a huge fatpack.

Next up is this adorable little cardigan and sculpted skirt set from Mimikri. Mar’s wearing it with one of the four exclusive colours of hair by Exile at The Dressing Room Blue, and the latest colour/texture-change footwear offering from House of Curios. (Interesting sidenote: On the newer colour/texture-change items from HoC there are group exclusive colours. Just wear your group tag before wearing the HUD or clicking the item, and you’ll see extra options for colour and/or texture.)

This balloon dress is the offering from Kunglers in the current Dressing Room Blue collection. Again, Mar is wearing the Exile hair and the Kalnins shoes.

More gorgeous undies at The Dressing Room Blue from Glam Affair this week, and you can choose to wear them with or without the spikes. Shoes are, as before, the colour/texture-change House of Curios Yay Wedges. The colour-change sunglasses are also from House of Curios.

Emery’s offering this week is this fabulous animal print sweater with prim sections. Mar hightailed it to the Bargain Pit downstairs at Sn@tch to snag the free fatpack of Sultry Shorts, and then on to Savoir Hair for Ingenue’s free Myrna hair. Her faithful House of Curios Neo Boots had the perfect colour-change option to match the look, which she topped off with the HoC Sunglasses shown in the previous pic.

Lastly at The Dressing Room Blue, some great white offerings from GLOW Studio: the White Chained Dress, the Mega Earrings, and the White Angel Lashes. Mar’s hair is a freebie from Curious Kitties at Savoir Hair, and again there are those customisable Kalnins shoes!

The skin that Mar has worn throughout this post so far is a very limited time offer. It’s only available this weekend at Tuli’s store in the Icon sim. When you arrive at the landing point, click the Tuli sign on the board for an exact landmark, and go buy this gorgeous, glittery-eyeshadowed skin for 0L$ this weekend only.

Two other skin pack offers available at the moment. From Nomine‘s subscribe-o-matic comes this beautiful Red Riding Hood set:

And from the Sn@tch VIPs group (L$300 to join) comes a set of Ivey’s lush, velvety Solstice skins:

All poses are by Glitterati.

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