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Freebies for the Fourth

Okay, okay. After this morning’s upset I wasn’t going to make this post, but it’s not fair on my readers to let certain people make me grumpy enough to stop posting. So, for all you fabulous USians, here are three freebie and dollarbie outfits from XstreetSL to celebrate Independence Day :)

First up is a cute dollarbie mini dress from Thalia.

Hop behind the cut for the rest!

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Mar’s ponderings: Not a happy bunny

I would appreciate it if my readers that know of the Newbie Haven on my land read this post over at Mar’s Ponderings. Thanks.

I was going to do a July 4th post of freebies today, and had all the photos taken, but this has annoyed me enough to just think f*ck it, to be honest. So no post from me unless I wake up tomorrow feeling a bit more charitable. Mar may generally be all sweetness and fun, but I do get pissed-off sometimes, and this is one of those occasions.

And Miss W? That little “That’s right Bitch, I’m back” snipe in your profile had better not be directed at me, sweetie.

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