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The Dressing Room ~ July Week 01

It’s already time for a new collection of discounted designer items at The Dressing Room! This week we have shapes, two lots of skins, the usual amazing clothing and accessories, and something for the guys. I also have for you a limited-time offer on a fabby pair of boots with built-in AO, and a ton of great freebie hair.

Hop behind the cut!

There are a ton of Dressing Room items in this pic. The skin is one of a triple set from YS&YS: all of them in beautiful dark tones and named after fabulous singers. This is the darkest tone: Jamila. More on those later. The main feature of this first pic is the Bonita dress and hat from A&A Fashion, for L$65. This does not come with the boob-covering top! You’ll get a corset-style top which bares the breasts, and other layers that include pasties. Mar chose to wear the top from a dress she’ll be showing later in this post, for modesty’s sake ;)

The Moon River jewellery from Magic Nook (L$50) is a lovely match for this outfit, and Mar completes it with a fabulous offer from EVA Footwear: the Stars Suede Boots, which for a very limited time are just L$25 in their store at Dominion Fashion District. (Note: The Dominion Fashion District is an Adult area, so if you are not age-verified or don’t have payment information on file, you won’t be able to access it.) These boots have a built-in AO, with stands and walks that you can click the boots to change around.

Next up is another of the YS&YS skins (Halle this time), together with the special Halle shape made by GLOW Studio (which is L$50 in The Dressing Room, and also contains a shape for Tuli’s Gina skin). The outfit is a sexy one-piece called Delia, from Glam Affair (L$60), and again Mar is wearing the EVA boots.

Back to the Halle skin again (the three YS&YS skins come with a Chignon hairstyle, so you don’t need to worry about finding a good style that works with them) and this beautiful golden Ballone top with great primwork, from R.icielli (L$60). The jeans are the Sn@tch Pinstripe Jeans which are not free, I’m afraid. However, if you head to the new Bargain Basement inside the Sn@tch store (go inside, turn right, and go downstairs underwater, you’ll find a lot of cheap and free pants and other items in there).

League have a great Breezy spattered tank top for L$65 in The Dressing Room. Here, Mar is wearing it with the Ashanti skin. The nail polish is from a great freebie fatpack just inside the door at Ibizarre.

The Dressing Room offering from So Many Styles this week is these two sweet Prairie Blouses for L$50. Mar headed over to Savoir Hair and browsed through their massive selection of freebie and dollarbie hairstyles from hair designers all over Second Life, finally settling on this style by White Well, which was free and comes in three colours. The skin is the latest Gina 03 offering from Tuli at The Dressing Room, and is L$65.

A better look at Tuli’s Gina 03 skin, worn over GLOW Studio’s Gina Shape. The Front Knot Shirt is L$50 from Aoharu at The Dressing Room, and the hair is from the free Alex fatpack (butterscotch is the shade Mar is wearing) from Dark Mouse at Savoir Hair.

Here’s a close-up of the Gina 03 skin:

And here are close-ups of the three YS&YS skins:

Oh-la-la Gaga! Now this is a look that the Lady would love! The Glam Affair Delia outfit (minus the floufy shoulder sections) teamed with the EVA boots, and with GLOW Studio’s Beachwood Glasses (L$65) and the colour-change Crystal Long Necklace (L$50) from LaGyo. The hair is the free Dinah style in Platinum, from BishWear at Savoir Hair.

Finally (there is more at The Dressing Room, but Mar’s all shopped out and wanted to leave you some surprises!) here is the boys’ item: the Commander Hair from CheerNo. Sorry guys; I completely forgot to check the price for you, but nothing in The Dressing Room is over L$70, so it will be less than that.

All poses are by Glitterati.

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  1. […] Room collection is out! EDIT: The Dressing Room items featured in this post have now GONE. See this post for some items from the new […]

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  2. I would like to know which top you put with the Bonita dress coz I dont like it as it is. Thank you in advance

    Comment by Shine Rolls | July 18, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Shine :)

      I used the top from the Delia dress by Glam Affair, which was also available at The Dressing Room during the week blogged here. Any top on the underwear or shirt layer will go under the jacket layer version of the Bonita dress, though. Have a look around The Gnubie Store and the Bargain Pit at Sn@tch. Both of them have dresses and tops for free and L$1 that would probably go with the dress.

      From memory (I’m not logged in right now and can’t be for a while) the Church of Luxe at Gnubie Store has an LBD for L$1 that might work, and Sn@tch has several free fatpacks of bustier/boob-covering corset style tops that also might work. You might also find something at the Glam Affair/Beauty Avatar Couture discount room, such as the L$10 LBD I blogged about here.

      Whatever you buy, though, before you hit ‘pay’ just look at the window that pops up containing the items you’ll be buying, and make sure the top section is available on either the underwear and/or shirt layer. That way you’ll know you can wear it under the jacket layer of the Bonita dress.

      Comment by Mar | July 19, 2010 | Reply

      • Thank you so much :)

        Comment by Shine Rolls | July 20, 2010

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