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If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air…

It’s a glorious and sunny day here in the UK today, and Mar went hopping around the grid in search of swimwear. What she found was a new bikini and pareo set at Wanderer the Wind, in Trenza. Join the Nenashigusa Nest group and head upstairs in the store with your group tag active.

The set is a group item camp, which means you must have your group tag active, and sit in the beanbag chair for 40 minutes in order to earn the item. It’s a perfect time to get some inventory-sorting done (Mar cleared out almost 200 unwanted items while she sat) and you can see a countdown of how many seconds you have left. The chair will sometimes have someone sitting in it, so if that’s the case, wander downstairs and try your hand at the lucky boards (again, group-only) and check out the cheap items on the shelves upstairs by the camping chair. They have some beautiful lingerie items from as little as L$1 (average price L$25). Mar grabbed some of those, too, so hop behind the cut for more pics!

In the meantime, have one of my favourite pieces of summery music: Groove Armada “At The River” :)

Mar’s wearing Magi Take‘s fabby Leather Flipflops for the beach pics. Just L$10 per pair or L$40 for a pack of six colours, each with a plain and studded version (Mar’s wearing the studded ones). You’ll get small, medium, and large in all the colours, so once you’ve figured out which size fits you make sure you ditch the rest to save cluttering your inventory!

Here’s the camp item:

And here is the same item with a different pattern (and in pink) which is on the cheapie shelving in the store for just L$25:

And here are two composite images of just some of the other lingerie items on the cheapie shelves. Nothing in this pic is over L$50 and the average price is L$25 to L$35. The two purple items in the lower pic are part of the same set:

Check permissions on the items, as most of them are transferrable if you’d like to treat your lady to something nice ;)

June 27, 2010 - Posted by | beachwear, camping, cheapies, lingerie, second life

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