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Those Little Questions

Here’s another post in my Those Little Questions series. All of these questions come from the search terms that lead people to this blog, and you can find all previous questions posts by using the tag at the end of the post or in the sidebar.

Can you leave a note at someones house in Second Life?

Unless they have some form of mailbox or dropbox (which only business owners tend to make use of) then no. What you can do if you want to get in touch with the owner of a house, is to right-click on it and select Edit. Look under the General tab and you’ll see buttons for Creator and Owner. Click the Owner button and you’ll be sent to the profile of the person who owns the house. BE WARNED: This may not be the person who is living on the land! Often, rented land will come complete with an empty home (which will be ‘owned’ by the landlord), so I suggest you also use your camera to look inside and go into edit mode on a piece of placed furniture and check the owner of that, to make sure you’re not going to contact a landlord. Then, either send them an IM or write out a notecard and drag it onto their profile. Do please read their profile quickly first, as some people prefer to be contacted one way instead of another.

Are group chats logged in Second Life?

Yes. If you’re a member of a group in Second Life, and your client is configured to save conversations then all group chats that pop up on your screen will be saved with the rest of your logs. Everyone else in the group with those same settings will also have the chats saved.

How to change shape fast in sl

Have more than one shape in your inventory. Then, when you need to change your shape quickly, wear the new shape. It will immediately replace the old one.

How do you defeat red ban lines on sl?

If you’re not meant to be on that land, then you shouldn’t even be trying! However, general bans (eg: no public access or limited to group members only) tend to only go up to 50m, so flying above that height will get you past them if you simply want to fly over the land. You won’t be able to drop down onto the land once you’re over the ‘wall’ of banlines, though. It’s not a wall; it’s a box, and if you try to drop down then you’ll just end up bouncing on the top of that ‘box’. If, however, you are on a named banlist (ie: the land owner has banned you by name) then you’ll have to fly above 768m to get over the banlines.

What is a foot shaper?

A foot shaper is something you must wear with your shoes. It will squeeze your avatar’s feet into a peculiar shape so that their pixels won’t poke out through your shoes. In recent years, shoemakers in Second Life have used invisiprims (prims scripted to obliterate avatar ‘flesh’) to stop this from happening as well (although you still need to wear the foot shaper they provide). A big disadvantage of invisiprims comes when you’re standing on anything with an alpha (transparent or partially-transparent) layer, such as a fringed rug or Second Life’s natural water: the shape of the invisiprim will also obliterate the texture beneath it. A newer advance is the avatar Alpha Layer, which is kind of like a sock that does the same thing without that alpha glitch. It’s currently only effective while using the official Second Life Viewer 2. Other third party viewers are implementing it, but at the time of writing this there are still a few glitches in third party versions.

SL difference between skin and shape

A shape is a set of slider settings that will change the overall shape of your avatar, from the size of their feet to the tilt of their nose. You can access this by right-clicking on yourself and selecting Edit Appearance (note: if you are currently wearing a No Modify shape then you won’t be able to change it). A skin is the layer that goes over the top of your shape, kind of like a tattoo that contains all of your features.


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