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Spellbound: Going Goth on a budget

Just five stores to visit, and zero money spent. If that’s your idea of a good Second Life shopping trip, and you’re interested in the pale-and-interesting look, then read on, because Mar has got you three Goth looks on a budget.

Hop behind the cut!

Mar visited just five stores and picked a random selection of items that she thought would fit a Goth look, then she took them home and rummaged through her virtual haul to put together these looks.

The skin used throughout is from Tuty’s Jessica free fatpack of Goth skins. There are ten in total in the pack, with lots of different makeup options. There are a lot of free skins on that wall in Tuty’s, so check them all out while you’re there! Mar is also wearing the default Female Goth shape from the inventory library (although she lengthened the legs just a little bit).

Visiting Sn@tch’s Freebie and Cheapie Room, Mar sn@tched up (har!) tons of freebies. Ignore the prices on the ad boards, make sure you have View > Tooltips enabled, and hover your cursor over each board to see the sale price. There are loads of freebies and very cheap items in the room, and Ivey sometimes switches them out for new-old stock, so check back regularly.

Among other things, Mar snagged the Comfy Sweater and the bumper fatpack of leggings, and teamed them with the Female Goth Boots and the Female Biker Boots from the default Library folders in her inventory. A last touch came from a male outfit at Sn@tch, called Hardcore, and it was a fabby belt that pulled the whole look together. It needed a bit of adjusting, but once it was done, the look was completed with the Jordin hair in Twilight, from the Exile freebie pack at FabFree:

Mar also hit up the Free Dove to grab the Rfyre gift (at the very back of the store, on the wall) because those unisex pants should be a staple of every wardrobe! Teamed with the Sn@tch Boudoir Corset, the Sn@tch Ripped Fishnet Stockings (forgot to put those on the pic; sorry!), the free Rfyre belt from FabFree, MrSig’s Mesh Gloves from Tuty’s, the default library City Female shoes, and the silky MrS Exotic hair (also from Tuty’s) they gave an entirely different look:

Finally, Mar dipped into a little bit of colour with a trip to the Gnubie Store where to her utter delight she found that Silent Sparrow’s freebie gifts have been changed ’round yet again, so go and grab these latest goodies! She wore the dress from the Bunting Suite, and paired it with Raspberry Aristocrat’s Chai hair from Savoir Hair, a pair of slinky stockings from Sn@tch, and the default Library Female Biker Boots again:

How much did these looks cost? Not a bean. Everything was entirely free!



The Free Dove

The Gnubie Store

Savoir Hair

Tuty’s & MrS Skins

Tuty’s & MrS Clothing & Hair

You’ll find the Female Biker and Female Goth boots and the City Female shoes in your inventory’s Library folders, under Clothing > Initial Outfits.

June 12, 2010 - Posted by | dresses, freebies, hair, second life, shapes, shoes, skins

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