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We’re gonna score one more than yoooou!

Three lions on a shirt, Jules Rimet still gleaming…

Where was I? Oh! The World Cup! Come on, people; show your colours! Glad Rags have polo shirts for all the participating teams in the 2010 World Cup, which kicks off tomorrow. Each shirt costs just L$5, is unisex, and works both with and without the collar and cuffs (so you can wear it as a t-shirt, too)! Mar found some freebie shorts at KalRau (teeny ones for the girls and baggy ones for you lads), a freebie football by Teleworm Gelber, and House of Curios’ L$40 colour-change Bolts Sneakers. Lastly, Momomuller has released some special football poses that are awesome, so Mar had to grab a couple of those!

Permit me to dream…

Hop behind the cut for more pics, and where to get the items!

The Momomuller football poses are fab. There are several stands-with-a-ball (you have to supply your own ball, though), one goalie pose, two headers, and a Beckham-style free kick. All poses are L$40 each.

But wait! Mar supports England! *sigh* Yeah, I know…


Football shirts – Glad Rags (XstreetSL)

Shorts (female) – KalRau (XstreetSL)

Shorts (male) – KalRau (XstreetSL)

Football by Teleworm Gelber (XstreetSL)

Bolts Sneakers – House of Curios (XstreetSL or in-world)

Poses – Momomuller


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