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A peach of a day in Paris

I would have had more pics of this outfit for you, but my viewer inexplicably began giving me snapshots that were nothing but all-black after I’d taken the two pics that I do have, so I’m afraid two is your lot!

This pretty little peach summer dress is a freebie from RunoRuno on XstreetSL. It has several sculpted sections and is beautifully simple, for all the complexity of those sculpts. It seems to have been created before the base avatar mesh was changed from grey to white, so you’ll need to edit the prim sections and change the slight grey tint to white, otherwise those prim sections will look a little bit dull. But it’s a gorgeous dress, and Mar took it for a walk down the banks of the Seine, at the Paris Art sim.

Hop behind the cut for more pics and where to find not only the dress, but the hair and shoes, too!

The free dress can be found here: RunoRuno Petal Dress. The shoes are the L$10 Basic Pumps Black Heel Orange #2 by CC Designs, and the hair is the freebie Blair hair in coral, by Beautiful Dirty Rich.

I love wandering around the various Paris sims. Open your main Map and type Paris into the search box. You’ll see them all coming up, and you can stroll through the city at will. It’s a lovely re-creation of one of my favourite European cities :)


May 31, 2010 - Posted by | cheapies, dresses, freebies, hair, second life, shoes, sim recs

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