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Adminny stuff: Following sl4nowt elsewhere

Hi, peeps!

Today I created accounts for the blog at Plurk and Twitter, so if you’re a Plurker or Tweeter you can follow me at either place:

Follow on Plurk

Follow on Twitter

You can also add the RSS feed of the blog’s posts to your favourite feed reader:


And if you’re a LiveJournaller you can add the syndicated feed on LJ:

Follow on LiveJournal

Lastly, if you check out the sidebar you’ll see a new option to sign up for email alerts of new posts on the blog.

If you ever lose track of this post, the links are all in the sidebar.

Please note! The Plurk and Twitter accounts are not social accounts, so I won’t be adding anyone back or following anyone on them. They are purely to notify you of new posts at the blog :)


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Hints and tips: Getting a message in-world when you can’t log in

I just checked the search terms for the blog and spotted the following:

sl send im while offline

That got me thinking, because there are times when we need to get a message to someone in-world, sometimes urgently, but we can’t log in ourselves. Maybe we’re at work and we forgot to ask our partner to pay the rent that’s due on our in-world home, or we need to tell a friend that our home internet is out of action so not to worry if they don’t see us for a bit.

Hop behind the cut for a simple, free way around the problem.

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Beautiful Brides on a Budget

Weddings are big business in Second Life, and they can cost big money too. Wherever you can save money, you should, and so to that end Mar has dug around and found a few items to help you along on your big day. Blushing brides (and much paler ones!) read on, because I have your dress and veil, your hair, your shoes, and a lovely tropical bouquet for those beach weddings.

Here are two bridal looks. Tropical White Wedding:

And Gothic Bride:

Hop behind the cut for more pics and where to find these items!

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