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It’s a freebie Saturday!

Boy, have I got some goodies for you today! You want ballgowns? I got ballgowns. Male hair? Got that too. Hats? Female hair? Eyeballs? Poses? Yup. The cutest shoes and summer dress ever? Check!

I’m kicking this post off with those cute shoes and that lovely summer dress. Kungler’s May group gift (L$50 to join group) is this lovely silky dress, which Mar has teamed with Baby Monkey’s latest group gift in-store (free to join group), the oh-so-pretty Mimi Sparrow Pumps. A warm welcome back to Pixieplumb from me, too :)

Note: you probably want to move fast for the Kunglers gift. I forgot to check when it leaves group notices before I logged off, but as it’s the May gift and May is almost over chances are it’ll vanish pretty soon.

Hop behind the cut for more fab goodies!

Have you ever watched any episodes of Fabulous Fashion TV? You can catch them all here, if not. Each week Angie Mornington features a different designer on her show, and they always leave behind a freebie for anyone to take, as a sample of their work.

This Midnight Rose gown from Kouse’s Sanctum is the current featured freebie at Fabulous Fashion TV’s studios. A beautiful long gown in black, with red detailing on the corsage, it works perfectly with the Glazed Heart Earrings and Necklace, from Eolande’s Basic Essentials Pack, free at the FabFree location.

This is SYSY’s Black Pants & 70s Print Tank, both free from Fabulous Fashion TV’s studios, with Baby Monkey’s free Classic Flats in Navy:

Still with the Fabulous Fashion gifts,these pants are from Sartoria’s Positano Suit (yes, the one for the guys!) with a limited-time special offer L$50 Soft Tan Silk Top from Baiastice’s Anniversary Room (take the TP pad near the landing point), L$50 colour-change MIB Stilettos from HoC, and the fabulous 50’s-style Nash glasses freebie from Solar Eyewear, also at Fabulous Fashion TV:

A free hair release from Amacci’s subscribo for the boys! This is Jack, in Onyx (and yes, it works perfectly on girls, with a teeny bit of resizing) –

This fabby unisex hair and hat combo with three touch-change colour options is from the MADesigns gift at Fabulous Fashion TV Studios, and it’s in partnership with Hoorenbeek (if the logo on the hat is anything to go by). Lots more freebies in the MADesigns box, including two female hairstyles, two male styles, and two pairs of eyes:

Still wearing the pants from the SYSY’s outfit, here’s another limited-time L$50 top from Baiastice’s Anniversary Room: the Knot Space Shirt in pink and gold. Shoes are the L$10 (yes really!) colour-change Chunky Stilettos from HoC and the hat/hair combo is as before:

One final tip for all you pose junkies: upstairs in Behaviour Body (right next to Baiastice) a ton of old pose packs are being sold at reduced prices, as low as L$10 per pack!

Phew! I think that’s enough to be getting along with, don’t you? ;)

Fabulous Fashion TV Studios (go through the lobby and into the studio itself, then turn back to face the entrance. The gifts are on the wall in front of you)
Baby Monkey

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