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50% – 75% sale on at Sn@tch all weekend

There is a 50% – 75% sale on at Sn@tch all weekend, until the end of Monday. Everything except the New Releases wall is on sale, including all menswear at 50% off and more.

Some of you may think that Sn@tch only does punky, gothy, slutty kinds of clothing. Well I’m here to show you that’s not the case. Ivey has been branching out for a long time, making some elegant clothing, and lovely summery outfits and separates. It’s well worth your while hopping over to Sn@tch this weekend to check out the sale items. You can also use gift cards from the Sn@tch store, to get even more off.

Mar spent L$472, which might seem like a lot for me to be blogging about, but what she bought was the following:

Peepshow Tops – eight colours for L$125 (that’s just over L$15 per top)
Sassy Cord Skirts – six colours for L$100 (that’s just over L$16 per skirt)
Wednesday Skirts – six colours for L$112 (that’s just over L$18 per skirt)
Wicked Winter Leather Pants – eight colours for L$135 (that’s L$17 per pair)

When she shopped she had an eye on colours, and picked the tops first, then found skirts and pants in colours that she could wear with the tops. That means she can mix and match all over the place! Hop behind the cut for a few ideas she put together with those items.

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A free skin, shape, and eyes for just 25 clicks? What are you waiting for?

Hello, my lovelies :)

There’s a lovely free Lyra skin, shape, and eyes going for a song – well, for just 25 slaps – on the Midnight Mania board at Ibanez. When I arrived a few moments ago the board had a criminal zero number of clicks on it! I was number one, so let’s get that board moving over the next couple of days. Here’s a teaser:

There are also a free set of eyes and a pair of free dragonfly wings just inside the store, so hop on over to get them and give the board a slap while you’re there!

Full picture (includes nudity, so it’s not safe for work!) is behind the cut :)

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