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This weekend’s inventory mission: Digging deeper into the shoe rack

Your inventory-sorting mission for this weekend is going to take you back to your shoes again, but it only applies to those of you that have bought fatpacks of shoes and to those that have bought shoes which come with male and female sizes. Those of you that have done neither, just take the first tip given here and apply it to any clothing and accessories you have.

Hop behind the cut for your mission!

First up: the male and female-sized shoe packs. Sometimes you’ll buy a pair of unisex shoes (eg: sneakers) and when you open them, you’re given a male and a female shoe base, and male and female sizes of the actual shoes themselves. Now c’mon. Unless you regularly change your avatar’s gender, you’re only going to be using the male or the female version of those shoes. Ditch the ones for the gender you don’t need, or (if you think you may, for some reason, need the other gender shoes at some point) archive them in a prim. If you have a shoebase and right and left shoes you’ll be saving three inventory items (two, if you choose to archive them, as the archive prim will count as one item).

This also goes for any clothing items that have male and female attachments, such as shirt cuffs, etc. And also jewellery items, belts, etc. Weed out the stuff you won’t wear because it’s too big (male) or small (female) for your avatar!

Secondly, ever bought a fatpack of shoes or boots? Me too. So once you’ve unpacked that fatpack and then unpacked each individual colour etc that’s inside it, what did you do with it? Just shoved the individual folders into your main ! SHOES folder? I hope that by now you did at least remove all the extra landmarks and notecards and posing stands that were in those individual folders. If not, then I’m not training you well enough! ;)

BUT – did you think to look for other duplicates? If the shoes are all the same style, you only need one shoe base, right? And if all the shoes have a foot-hiding invisiprim (or, for those of you using Viewer 2, a foot-hiding alpha mask) then you only need one set or pair of those, too. And yet, you probably have one in every single one of those folders: all duplicates!

Here’s what you do. Make a folder inside your ! SHOES folder. Name it after the fatpack, and maybe put (all colours) at the end, to let you know at a glance that it contains lots of colour variants of the shoe style. Open up a new inventory window (File >New Window) and drag across just one shoe base, and just one set of invisiprims/alpha masks into that main folder. Maybe one store landmark, too, if you don’t already have one. Now delete all the rest of the shoe bases and invisiprims/alpha masks from the individual folders. Don’t forget, too, to delete any shoes for the gender you’re not using (if you don’t switch avatar genders).

Finally, once all you have left are the individual folders containing just the shoe colours, drag those folders into your new fatpack shoes folder. What you should see is something like this:

Note that I have the shoe base and (in this case) the socks that came with each pair of the chucks in the main parent folder, while the different colours of shoe are above them. These chucks came with shoe bases, socks, a landmark, a notecard, and male and female shoes in each folder. By deleting all the extra stuff, I got rid of 40 items, because I only needed one shoe base, one pair of socks, and the female shoes.

When the folders are opened up, you should only see something like this:

A major advantage of this is that, if you’re using invisiprims, you only need to edit one set to fit your feet perfectly, rather than several sets. Now hop to it. Empty your trash before you start, make a note of how many items you have in your inventory, then when you’ve finished deleting all those extra bits, empty your trash again and see how many items you deleted. I’ll bet it’s a lot more than you thought it would be.

Want to see what I threw away from just those chucks folders? All this:

May 14, 2010 - Posted by | inventory management, second life


  1. Here is one idea I came up with for shoes. If I had all those Maschienenwerk chucks, the first folder I would have would be “! Wear – Black.” (I think I learned the exclamation point thing from you for making sure a folder is at the top). I would have the shoe base, socks, and the black pair of the chucks in there (or whatever pair I wear most often). Then all the other folders would look like yours. That allows me to click “add to outfit” on the Wear folder, and if I want another color I can click “add to outfit” on any of the others, rather than having to individually wear the socks and shoe base.

    Regarding hair, hair fatpacks can be terrifying. I remember when I would get a fatpack from a certain hair discount room there would be what seemed like hundreds of hairs in every conceivable color. On the off chance that someday I may want to wear pink hair with red tips, especially since the hair discount room no longer exists, I put all the hairs in a prim and kept one or two out in colors I use, so then I have a folder with two or three items in it.

    I find hair organization difficult (divide them by color? Style? Creator? Every system I try seems to run aground) and would welcome a blog entry on that :-)

    Comment by AK Alchemi | May 17, 2010 | Reply

    • The exclamation mark trick is one of the best that I’ve learned in my time in SL. It certainly makes things easier when you’re sorting through inventory!

      Actual filing methods should always be personal to you. I try to give suggestions and advice (and gentle poking!) but I always tell people that the final decision on how they organise their inventory should rest solely with them, because everyone thinks in a different way. Your inventory should make sense to you, because you’re the one that uses it!

      I agree on your point regarding hair fatpacks. Every now and then I archive just about everything I have, keeping out only a few standard colours for each style. Most of the time I have to edit hair to fit me anyway, so at the point of trying on all the colours I usually only edit three or four that I like and know I’ll use. The rest are what gets archived. I’m not going to edit fifty colours!

      Personally, I sort hair by store, because each creator has their own style and that’s what I tend to think of when trying to find hair: “I want big curls, so I’ll look in the Hairy Situations/Bewitched/House of Heart folder,” etc. I’ll add a blog entry about hair onto my list, though, because it is a fraught issue for most female avatars!

      Comment by Mar | May 21, 2010 | Reply

      • I’ve thought about it and you’re right….the only organizational method for hair that makes any sense for me is to do it by store.

        I do keep a separate set of hair folders in my clothes folder that has some individual go-to hairs sorted by color. Already though that’s getting out of hand!

        Comment by AK Alchemi | May 26, 2010

  2. I used to do everything by style like with clothes; I’d have a punk folder and then like goth, but now I find by creator is better to keep track of things and also can help you see which store you have more of an obsession with LOL.

    My shoes that are 1 off are sorted by color. I will prolly go back now reading this and seeing if I have extra bases and what not and sorting the shoes by styles!

    I also think instead of just having the bases willy nilly it would be a good idea, to put those in a separate folder within the main folder for that creator. Then you can easily right click on the shoe base folder and then on the color you want to wear.

    Thanks for the useful tips :D

    Comment by mikayla | October 7, 2010 | Reply

    • I think everyone is different, mikayla, but I’m with you on sorting by store. I started out with mainly clothing type folders, plus a few generic catch-alls (punky, elegant, gothic, etc) but now as I find myself visiting certain stores time and again I’m creating folders just for those stores alone!

      Comment by Mar | October 9, 2010 | Reply

  3. There are only 2 hair stores I tend to go to, so I don’t bother about who created which hair. I have mine sorted into ‘Long’, ‘Short’, ‘Tailed’ (for those ponytails, pigtails, etc), and ‘Arranged’ (for the fancy hair). So far, that’s done it for me.

    I’m pleased to say that, after reading some of your other tips, I’d already been sorting my shoes this way before you mentioned it.

    Comment by Tal | October 29, 2011 | Reply

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