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Inventory-sorting quickie: Moving On

Here’s a quick post to get you started on this weekend’s inventory-sorting mission (in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m trying to do one post per weekend, when many of us have more time to be in-world)!

If you’ve been in SL for some time now, it’s very likely that your inventory is stuffed to the gills with just about everything you’ve ever bought and worn (or maybe even never worn). As time goes by, creators grow more skilled, and our own fashion tastes change. Just as with my footwear-sorting suggestions, it’s very likely that you have some outfits by designers whose work you no longer wear. Maybe the designer’s own skills have improved and their earlier designs pale compared next to their newer ones, or perhaps they never improved and you’re just not wearing ‘those old things’ any more.

If so, why are you still hanging on to them? Set aside an hour or so this weekend for some cosy time with a posestand. Hop onto it and dig out all of those outfits. Try them on and look at them objectively. Are you really ever going to wear that again? Does the prim skirt look a bit crap compared to some of the other skirts you now have? Look it over closely. In your newbie days you may have missed something that your more critical veteran eyes would easily pick up, such as white marks at the edges of clothing where textures weren’t carried over far enough on the template.

Salvage what you can. Maybe the prim skirt is a bit iffy, or it has a system skirt and you just don’t wear those nowadays, but the top may be perfectly serviceable with a pair of jeans. If so, put the top into your relevant folder for those, and ditch the rest of the outfit. If you really can’t bring yourself to part with the outfit, archive it. Rez a prim, stuff the outfit in its contents, name it after the outfit (eg: Archive: Store Name – Pink Ballgown) and take it into inventory. If you find yourself with twenty of those archived outfits, then rez another prim and stuff the archives into that prim. Call it something like: Archive: All archived dresses. Remember, the goal here is to reduce your inventory!

Pick one fashion item at a time, so just work through dresses or pants or tops this weekend. Don’t overdo it, or you’ll get Inventory Fatigue and give up! And while you’re at it, sort out your inventory system for that type of clothing. If you’re working with pants, then create a new ! PANTS folder, with sub-folders for jeans, formal pants, capris, etc etc. For dresses you may want to sort by style (formal, punky, summer, cocktail, ballgowns, etc) or by designer/store. The trick here is not to force a new system on yourself; instead go with your own thought processes. If you wanted to find a specific item right now, how would you think about it? If you think, “I’m looking for that long pink ballgown” then file the dresses by style. If, however, you’re thinking, “I’m looking for that long pink dress by Specific DressDesigner” then file it by designer/store.

Try doing this next time you’re in-world with half an hour free, and you’ll be surprised just how many items you can clear up, while figuring out your inventory filing method at the same time!


May 7, 2010 - Posted by | inventory management, second life


  1. I actually had to drastically organize my inventory on SL once Viewer 2 came out. I actually like the way Viewer 2 works on revamping your inventory for easier sorting.

    Incidentally, I probably dont have as much inventory as you do so I dont need to have quite as many clothing type folders. Basically, all my underwear (when not part of a set) goes into the “tops” section (for bras, corsets, negligees) and the bottoms go in pants most of the time.

    Comment by WebmistressK | May 10, 2010 | Reply

    • I think all inventory-organising is, obviously, ultimately up to the user. I’m not that big on lingerie but I know that others are, which is why I suggested so many folders. Personally, my undies are in a simple ‘lingerie’ folder, under the aegis of a larger ‘lingerie, socks & stockings’ folder ;)

      Comment by Mar | May 11, 2010 | Reply

      • Yeah, In my case, I have alot of accessories such as wings, paws, etc.. since many of my Krystal Yifu outfits explore anthropomorphism.

        I might do a post on this shortly under my SL blog. I just seem to have so much to blog about things in my life and not enough time. :)

        Comment by WebmistressK | May 11, 2010

  2. Thank you so much for this series, it is seriously motivating me to work on my ever expanding inventory!

    Comment by Chealsea Guardian | May 11, 2010 | Reply

    • You’re welcome, Chealsea. It’s a never-ending job, isn’t it?!

      Comment by Mar | May 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. […] Mar’s system mirrors mine, so, I know a few other people can appreciate this borderline-Web2.0 look.  Overall, […]

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