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Group gifts from Ivalde, Sn@tch, Exodi, and Baby Monkey, plus a Newbie Special from Ivalde

I’m cramming a lot into today’s post, peeps. Four group gifts, plus a very special newbie offer for female avatars less than 30 days old.

First up, let’s try and hurry Summer up with Exodi’s fabulous bikini and capris gifty! Exodi’s group costs 250L to join, and the gifts range from full skin packs to eyes to clothing. This group is a keeper, if you have some money to spare to join. Mar has teamed the Exodi gift with the new group gift from Baby Monkey (free to join) – the colour-change Kroko Pumps:

Hop behind the cut for the other gifts, and the newbie offer!

Next up are three gifts from Ivalde. You need to join the Ivalde,Embla&Ask Design Group (paste that into Search exactly as-is, and you should find it). The group costs 250L to join. Once a member, head to the Ivalde store with your group tag active, and click the images on the walls to get the following outfits.

The Yelena Dress comes with both a prim skirt and a system skirt with ruffle:

The Kayla Dress has two skirt options: with and without the black mesh belt:

The Fayme Dress features an amazing sculpted skirt:

While you’re there, hang around for the lucky chair to see if you can win. And here’s the alert for you newbies! Ivalde has a fabby couple of outfits free, just for you, right by the lucky chair. Note: Your avatar must be less than 30 days old to qualify for the gift. Just click the poster and, as long as you’re less than 30 days old, you should receive these items:

My last group offering today comes from the Sn@tch VIP group  (300L to join) and is an awesome pair of brown pants with super-flared bottoms, a pink cami (which features brilliant sculpty straps, so no more stretched strapmarks on your avatar’s shoulders – yay!), some bangles, plus a pair of Ivey’s fab ‘n’ fun platform Squeeky Sandals:


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