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Today’s inventory project: The sock & undies drawer (& a special note about beachwear)

Now look, this isn’t going to be as bad as the RL sock & undies drawer, okay? No more trying to pair up odd, lonely socks and no more weeding out the holey or threadbare ones. SL socks are already-paired and they never sprout holes (unless you bought them that way). They’re easy to search for, and to sort. As for the underwear, well… there are no greying bras or loose-elastic-ed briefs in SL, so let’s get stuck in.

Hop behind the cut :)

Before we start sorting, we’re going to create some new folders to sort into. Today, I’m going to start with the boys, for a change!

Guys, you have it fairly easy: it’s just Socks for you. I suggest, though, that you create another folder above that one, in your main Clothing folder, and call it something like Underwear & Socks. Then, inside that, two further folders: Underwear (which you might want to sub-divide further, depending onto your preference. See my example below where the Underwear folder is divided into: Boxers, Briefs, and Thongs), and (you guessed it!) Socks. I also suggest that for all of these folders you preface the names with one exclamation mark and a single space, which will put it to the top of its parent folder, thus:

Why the exclamation mark to do that? Well simply because at some point in the future you may want to do some quick filing that’s less specific, such as shoving half a dozen mixed sock/underwear folders away when you don’t have time to sort them properly. If you push them into the generic Underwear or Socks folder, they will be below the special sub-folders because you used that exclamation mark, instead of mixed in amongst them. It just makes things a bit easier when you get time to sit down and sort properly.

A quick search for sock will yield up all the socks that you have in your inventory. Simply open a new window (File > New Window) and drag them across into your Socks folder. The only socks that you should leave in place are ones specifically designed to go with a certain pair of shoes or boots.

Not all socks (or all of any generic, basic SL system clothing items) will carry the ‘socks’ icon. Sometimes you’ll see the undershirt icon, too as below:

For underwear you need to search a bit harder. Try using all the variants on words you can think of: underpants, brief, boxer, shorts, underpants, thong, underwear, and so on. Even using this method you’re likely to miss a few, but you can catch those later on.

A final aside: you may want to include Nightwear as part of the Underwear & Socks folder. If so, then just create another folder for Pyjamas – or Pajamas; you already know you’re going to get British spelling on this blog, so don’t get pedantic with me! :p

Ladies! Obviously, we have a lot more to choose from, so your starting folders will need to be more numerous and specific. Here’s my suggestion:

You may not want to be quite that specific, or you may want to be even more specific! That’s a good base to start from, though, since you never know what you’re going to pick up during your SL travels, and it’s easier to have a folder already waiting for anything you might find than it is to create one (at which point many of us start to slip up and think, “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow,” and thus the slow slide into inventory chaos begins).

As with the boys, open two inventory windows and start running those searches. Use the folder titles as a starting point, but make sure you use the singular of each (eg: bra instead of bras), and try any other terms you can think of (knickers, undies, etc). It’s very likely that you’ll still miss a few extras, but you can come to those later.

A special note about shorts and swimming trunks and bikinis: I suggest you create another top-level folder within your main Clothing folder, and call that one Beachwear or simply Beach. That can then become a holding spot for all things you might need to find when you’re heading to one of SL’s glorious sandy spots. Don’t just keep it for swimwear, either! Think of that Beach folder as your holiday suitcase and destination activity folder. Pack into it your flipflops and pose towels, any beach toys such as lilos and waveriders. Normally, I would recommend putting objects such as towels and lilos in their own sub-folder in the Objects folder, but it’s far easier to carry all your beach items in one single folder than it is to go rummaging through half a dozen.

If, however, you’re a dedicated beachgoer in SL, with a lot of swimwear and beach toys, keep the swimwear, flipflops and shorts in the Clothing > Beach folder, and create a new Objects > Beach folder. Just go with wherever and whatever feels most natural to you :)


April 25, 2010 - Posted by | inventory management, second life


  1. I’m absolutely in love with your system of organization: do you have a full list of category/sub-category recommendations, or know of a good reference guide for those of us keen to be a bit… er… pedantic when it comes to organizing our inventories?

    Comment by Young Glory | July 11, 2010 | Reply

    • *grins* Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only inventory pedant around here ;)

      I don’t have a full list available right now, but it most definitely is on my To Do list for a post in the very near future. I’ve always told my readers that their system should make sense to them, because when I’ve seen other peoples’ systems there is no way I could have found what I wanted within them, but the tricky thing for me is how to display it on the blog for others to see: whether to use HTML lists or screencaps of an actual inventory. I use only the main inventory folders and create sub-folders within those, whereas I know other people create their own folders outside of those. The only thing that I can think of is to create a new alt and build her an empty inventory system from scratch, then screencap each section at a time. That’s probably the way I’ll do it eventually.

      Comment by Mar | July 11, 2010 | Reply

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