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Inventory Management: Weeding the Shoe Bed

Okay, so you’ve tried all of my other tips and tricks for inventory management. You keep on top of deleting all those extra landmarks, posing stands, ‘how to use resize scripts’ notecards and the like, but your inventory is still out of control. Mine too, so I’m digging deeper now, and I’m going to tackle this latest issue one item at a time, beginning with one thing we ladies all love: shoes.

Hop behind the cut!

Remember when you were a newbie, and you ran around places like The Free Dove, and you camped for full avatar kits, and you thought that shoes like this were the bee’s knees?

Let’s face it: if you haven’t worn them in the last… several months, you’re not going to wear them, right? Shoe designers keep coming up with better and better-looking footwear, we’re all doing massive hunts and zipping all over the grid to weekend events where we can get some fabulous examples of those new shoes and boots, and yet we keep all that old footwear in our inventories, gathering dust like the old sneakers we keep in the back of the wardrobe ‘for gardening and painting’. We never wear those either, do we? ;)

So it’s time to dig deep, and gents you can’t get out of this either. Shoes ain’t just for girls. We all know you have at least one pair of those horrible, oversized freebie sneakers somewhere in the depths of your inventories (just like we know there’s a hideous orange ‘freenis’ lurking there; and it’s about time that went the way of the dinosaurs too, if you’ve picked up a more pricey version lately!)

Let’s start with the boots, because we probably have fewer pairs of those than we do of shoes. Take a look at these:

They were great when I first got them, and on my old monitor I couldn’t even see that those sock parts were lighter than the rest of the boots. I could always edit them and tint them darker, but since I got them I’ve probably worn them once, and that time hasn’t been in the last year and a half. Let’s face it, I know I have better boots than that now, so these old ones are just clogging up my inventory. They’re going in the trash.

This is the kind of thing I’m keeping. Yes, I paid full-price for these (well, it was a new release weekend-only offer, so it was still discounted; my bargain-loving heart couldn’t resist!) and since I have quite a few pairs of boots and shoes by this creator I’m going to make a new folder in my Clothing > Footwear folder, specifically for shoes and boots by this creator. That way I’ll know exactly where to look for them in the future:

Let’s look at flats next. Well, these are cute, but I don’t have a thing I can wear them with. I haven’t worn them since I got them, and I have other flats that I honestly prefer the shape of. So while these might be keepers for some of you, they’ll be going in my trashcan:

Onto heels. Now, there are some ‘gimmicky’ things we might want to keep, such as seasonal footwear for Halloween and Christmas, but I honestly can’t think of any occasion where I would wear watermelon sandals

(I do realise the two previous items are both by one creator. I’m not picking on that creator; I simply have so many shoes that I just tried on a few so I could take the pics for this blogpost! I apologise to the creator for two of my ‘in the trashcan’ pairs being theirs; believe me, there will be many more pairs by other creators that go the same way!)

Now these things… I have a lot of these, by many creators. I think a full-perm shoe creation kit must have gone on sale on Xstreet SL featuring this style, because they started to pop up all over the grid at the same time. They’re much better to look at; nice sculpt work, but you know what? I’ve never worn them (apart from one time to show them as part of a newbie avatar starter kit). I actually think they make Mar’s feet look big, especially as she has such skinny legs. So a personal decision from me here: they’re going in the trash:

Heels. Newbie shoes on the left, prim toes on the right. And some of you may be even more discriminating, preferring one designer’s prim-toed shoes over another’s! For me, though, there’s no contest. I’ll keep the prim toes and trash the newbie shoes:

Now onto you lads. Just because us girls are known for our love of shoes, that doesn’t mean you get out of this! Are you walking around in the latest sculpted sneakers from a well-known designer that’s given a great pair out free in one of the Make Him Over Hunts? If you are, do you really need sneakers like these in your inventory?

They’re actually pretty good, for non-sculpt sneakers; far better than some of the blingy, oversized ones that you see in the giant freebie warehouses. You know the ones: they make you look like a clown, flapping on the ends of your feet like that! But if you’re always wearing your super-new sculpted sneaks, it’s about time those old newbie ones hit the dirt. Go on, ditch ’em! You’ll find much better freebies around SL, like these ones:

And yep, even ones as cool as these if you brave the big hunts that are put on especially for you boys:

So, in summary: put on some simple capris (girls) and shorts (boys) that don’t have any leg prims and let you see your avatar’s feet clearly. Then start trying on all those shoes and boots and sneakers. Open up a second inventory window (File > New Window) and organise as you go, creating new folders in your inventory for the stuff you’re going to keep. And be ruthless! You’ll know if you won’t ever wear those things again, so chuck ’em away. I promise you won’t miss them!

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  1. If there’s any lingering paranoia at all about whether a certain pair of shoes might someday be perfect for some unusual outfit, create a folder, put all such shoes in that folder, and then dump ’em in a box. That way you can have one inventory item that holds all your “maybe” shoes.

    Comment by AK Alchemi | April 10, 2010 | Reply

    • Excellent idea, AK! :)

      Comment by Mar | April 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. oo where’d ya get the all stars?

    Comment by Lindsay | May 3, 2010 | Reply

    • They’re freebies from Maschienenwerk, Lindsay, and they come in lots of colours. Male and female sizes, too :)

      Comment by Mar | May 3, 2010 | Reply

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