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New default avatars!

Oh my gosh, what a surprise awaited me when I checked the Library folder of my Inventory. Under ‘clothing’ and then ‘initial outfits’ are twelve new default avatars created by Adam n Eve. I tried on all the female options, and girls you need to look at them! If nothing else, the shoes and hair deserve places in your main folders, and some of the outfits are fabby, too! Guys, there are outfits for you, too, but you need to check those out yourselves; I didn’t have time to get around to them today.

Here’s a sample outfit: the Female Rocker. It comes with everything you see here, including two colours of t-shirt.

Hop behind the cut for the others.

First of all, when you wear these outfits from your Library folder, they will not show up as ‘worn’ in there. Instead, they will transfer into the various folders in your main Inventory section. So the prim items (hair, shoe/boot parts, etc) will go into your Objects folder, and any clothing layer items will end up in your Clothing folder. To that end, I suggest trying on one full outfit at a time, then creating a new folder in your Inventory, naming it after that outfit, and dragging everything across into it. Only then should you try on the next outfit. This should save you from getting in a muddle with all those bits going all over the place.

The boots/shoes and hair in these outfits are fabulous. I’ll definitely be wearing these a lot! Everything is great, in fact. Don’t forget your mixing and matching, too!

Here are the rest of the female avatars:

You can’t see it too clearly in these pics, but there’s a cute little backpack in the next outfit:

Also, lots of hair colour options!

Again, lots of hair colour options:

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