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Pay-to-join group gifts

More and more large store groups are moving towards a pay-to-join policy, which I can only assume is partly to prevent people from joining the group, grabbing a group freebie, and then leaving the group again. The first stores to do this tended to be the skin stores, and understandably so, with skins being the price they are and many skin stores offering full fatpacks as gifts. More and more stores are opting for this method, and the gifts are usually well worth the join fee.

Today Mar is highlighting some gorgeous gifts from pay-to-join groups. Please be aware that you need to remain in these groups once you’ve paid to join. If you leave and want to re-join, you’ll have to pay again. (For a handy reminder of which groups you paid to join, either jot down the group names on the ‘My Notes’ tab of your own profile, or check the front page of the group’s info window. The join fee will be visible, but greyed-out.)

First up, a stunning skirt and layerable tank top set from Sn@tch VIP Group (L$300 to join, and one of the most fun group chats ever. You won’t get shouted at for talking in group chat, and things can get hilariously naughty sometimes. It’s one of my favourite groups for banter, as well as for Ivey’s fab clothing). This is a new departure for Sn@tch: sculpted skirts that move beautifully with the avatar (be aware that certain very twisted or bent-over poses might not work, but for the average AO these skirts will look great). The tanks are on several layers (some sheer, some less sheer, and there’s also a pink one I’ve not shown here) so you can layer up and mix and match. I adore this outfit, and I’ve teamed it with the free Adena hair in Swedish Blonde, from the fatpack at Amacci (pick ‘hair’ from the teleport pad at the landing point, and the freebie is on the wall to your right), plus a group gift skin from Tuli that I’ll get onto in a minute.

Hop behind the cut for three more pay-to-join group gifts; one of which is for the boys!

Okay, before I get onto the outfit, here’s the skinny on the skin! Tuli Update Group (L$250 to join) has in group notices the beautiful Eva – Gem skin, in seven tones, with and without cleavage (Mar is wearing the ‘with’ version here). This skin has incredibly pretty eye makeup, and a lovely soft mouth, and is exclusive to the Update Group. It’s not available to buy in the store. It was placed in group notices on March 20th and will remain there for two weeks, after which it’ll be gone forever.

Onto the outfit. Dany French Touch is L$50 to join, and sends out a male and female outfit every month to its group. You can also find the outfits for L$1 each in the Dany French Touch store (there’s a dollarbie wall in the store, featuring both male and female outfits, so make sure you check that out, too). The womens’ gift for March is the Naig dress, which Mar has teamed with the Henna colour of the Amacci hair featured above. Her shoes are from Kalnins and are not free. Her eyes are the InSight – Brown/Green eyes that are part of the welcome gift when joining the Subscribe-o-matic at Amacci’s store.

I am so glad to see Dany French Touch back on the SL grid. A few months ago the store had to close, and I was very sad to see it go. Dany Bimbogami’s texturing work is superb, so I am very happy to see her back :)

Boys, your outfit is perfect if you have any posh do’s coming up, like an in-world wedding or formal celebration. It’s the Albin outfit, consisting of smart black pinstriped pants, a white shirt with lightly-ruffled cuffs, and a beautiful gold waistcoat. Shoes here are the L$50 colour-change Leather Loafers from House of Curios, and hair is from MADesigns‘ freebie fatpack of Slide hair. Don’t forget you can mix and match! Those pinstripe pants are fabulous, and you can wear them with a lot of other things, not just the shirt and waistcoat :)


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