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Kunglers, Exodi & Hairy Situations

Mar’s time in-world has been limited of late, but she’s managed to put together a pretty look for springtime (it is just around the corner, right?!). She started off with the January group gift from Kunglers Fashion Design (50L$ to join group) which is this lovely sheer dress. It’ll be in group notices until January 30th. Pairing it with the freebie Maya Pumps in stone from Baby Monkey (I just went to the store and I’m not sure if these are still available; Pixieplumb had them in a great freebie pack for a long time, but I can’t find them now), she headed to Hairy Situations to grab their new release gift (so glad to see this back in the store!): the Cookie style, in nutmeg.

The skin is from the re-issued group gift from Exodi VIPs group (250L$ to join, but worth it; there are not one but two full-tone packs of skins in group notices right now). This is Stephanie 2010 in the ‘Beck’ tone. Also worn are the Au Naturel eyes in blue, from the other Exodi group gift (Stephanie ‘London Bound’, which includes eyes and other items, too).

January 25, 2010 - Posted by | dresses, eyes, freebies, group freebies, hair, limited time offers, pay-to-join groups |

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