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Be a belle and a beau thanks to Belleza

If you don’t count land, then a good skin is one of the most expensive things you will buy in Second Life. While there are great freebie offers out there, some are better than others. The Belleza freebie offer (just inside the door on the left for a free male and female skin) is one of the best out there, but if you have 250L$ going spare, I would urge you to join the group, too (it’s a pay-to-join group, so make sure you don’t accidentally leave it, because you’ll have to pay again to re-join!)

The average price of a male skin at Belleza is 2000L$, so we’re looking at serious money here. Female skins start slightly lower, but you would still be splashing the cash to get a great skin. But for the 250L$ price of joining the group, you will get regular group gifts of skins, both for men and women, and right now is no exception.

Search groups for Belleza (and make sure you join the one called -Belleza- which was created by Tricky Boucher, as there’s a similarly-named group out there) and pay to join. In group notices, dated December 25th you’ll find six gorgeous pre-release skins: three for men and three for women, in three tones each. These skins will remain in group notices for exactly two weeks from the date they went in, and after that they’ll be gone, but stay in the group, as Belleza are incredibly generous to their group.

Mar’s eyes in this post are the freebie Sunset Eyes from Eponym, and the hair for her male incarnation is a current Christmas group gift from kMADd Enterprise group (free to join, and there’s female hair, two more male mohawk styles, plus three great pairs of eyes in that gift!)


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  1. […] straps. The skin is the current group gift Alyson from Belleza (250L$ to join group) which Mar blogged about […]

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