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I’d like to thank the male avatar who flew overhead and promptly homed in on Mar when she was putting together this photoshoot, forcing her to flee the scene. Perhaps he thought his luck was in? ;)

This limited-time offer Dirty Princess complete outfit from LaRosa is just 49L$ on Xstreet SL at the moment. You’ll get: coat, dress, earmuffs, stockings, and boots. BE WARNED: this outfit is not for the modest. If you want to wear panties, you’ll have to sacrifice the garter belt, as that comes on the underwear layer, and there’s nothing between you and the fresh SL air if you wear it. You may also have to tint the teeny skirt prim darker to match the skimpy black skirt (which I forgot to do!)

Hair is Bonita in black, from ETD’s discount section (dollarbie fatpack).

Hop behind the cut for a couple more pics.

The price you pay is worth it for the boots alone:

At least Mar’s ears are warm ;)


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