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Hot Rumba

Congrats (yet again!) to the FabFree ladies, on hitting 8000 members in their group. As with all of the group member milestones, designers who are members have been offering free gifts to the group, and Mar is highlighting just one of those today.

If you’re not already a member, search for and join Fabulously Free in SL group. Be warned: it’s a very busy group. Lots of chat, lots of group notices. If, like me, you’re not online every day, you might want to uncheck the ‘receive group notices’ box on the front of the group’s profile page, and check them manually when you do get online. If you don’t, then you might find your IMs capped, as group notices count toward IMs (which can cap out as low as 25).

Once you’re in the group, bring up its profile and hit the Notices tab. Click the Date header twice to sort by date (most recent at the top), then scroll down until you find a notice titled Saris Creations, on December 17th. This is the gift Mar’s highlighting, and it’s a gorgeous dress called Hot Rumba. This gift will only be in group notices until January 1st 2010.

Mar’s teamed this with some freebie black-seamed stockings, and a pair of 50L$ ladies’ colour-change Rectangle Framed Glasses from House of Curios. Her shoes are the 1L$ d’Orsay Stilettos in red, from ETD’s discount section. Her hair is the freebie Berri, in Espresso, from Truth @ The Gnubie Store.


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