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While Second Life is a playground for many of us, for some of us it is also a business venture, and the kind of fashion that often finds its way to the blogs is not suitable for the more professional virtual existence.

At the moment, the Pixeldolls store is having another 10L$ sale, and Mar found some perfect items for the SL businesswoman there, as well as taking a quick trip to Bare Rose and House of Curios, for another suit and some accessories.

Shoes worn throughout this blogpost (unless stated) are the 10L$ colour-change Chunky Stilettos from House of Curios, and the glasses are the colour-change 50L$ Rectangle Female Glasses, also from House of Curios. Hair is the free fatpack (in all colours) of Berri, by Truth at The Gnubie Store. Stockist locations are at the end of the post.

Here, Mar’s grey suit is Liason SystemDress Noir, from the 10L$ sale at Pixeldolls. Beneath it she’s wearing the Demi Cami Tintable, also in the 10L$ Pixeldolls sale. Stockings are the SLBM Women Socks from the Business Suit at Bare Rose (more on that in a moment).

Hop behind the cut for more business looks, that will take you from boardroom meetings, through Dress Casual Fridays, and right up to cocktails at the hotel bar on those business trips away.

This elegant suit is a little more demure and formal than the one from Pixeldolls. It’s the 1L$ SLBM (SL Business Magazine) outfit from Bare Rose. This includes the stockings that are worn in the previous image.

For Dress Casual Fridays, Mar has opted for the Empire Belted Suit, from the 10L$ sale at Pixeldolls.

And finally, Mar’s cocktail dress is part of the Gala Dress Kit in the 10L$ sale at Pixeldolls (she’s wearing the Princess PrimSkirt from that set). Her shoes are the colour-change 50L$ MIB Stilettos from House of Curios. Her necklace from Earthstones is no longer available in-world, but you can find many more like it at the Earthstones store.

House of Curios
Pixeldolls (sale section – limited time offers)
Bare Rose (follow the red arrow to the free section)
Truth at The Gnubie store (again, follow the red arrow upstairs)

Gentlemen, I will be doing a similar post containing businesswear for you, in a few days.


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