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A very special Christmas gift from Exclusiva

How’s the Christmas shopping coming along? I got all of mine finished a couple of days ago, and by the end of it I felt as though my arms had elongated from the weight of all the bags.

Mar feels pretty much the same, having battled through the crowds at Exclusiva, but it was worth the single dollar she paid.

Hop behind the cut to see the extra-special dollarbie from Exclusiva, in partnership with AtomicBambi and Dryad Designs.

For just 1L$ you can get this complete avatar, including: shape, skin, hair, eyes, lashes, formal gown, shoes, jewellery set, and hair corsage. (Nail polish not included. If your avatar is less than 30 days old, head to Sn@tch’s freebie/cheapie area and grab their ‘Fluffer Noobie Kit’ for that.)

That’s one measly Linden dollar. Skint? Go camp! You’ll be able to rustle up L$1 from somewhere, and even if you don’t want the dress, this is a gorgeous shape, a lovely skin, a beautiful jewellery set, some fab red shoes. And it’s available at this price until December 25th. You can also find it for the same price on XstreetSL, here.

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