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Belleza group gift skin: Jesse

This skin is no longer available in group notices.

Belleza is a pay-to-join group (a one-off payment of 250L$) that has been incredibly generous to its male group members in the past. Now, it’s the ladies’ turn, with a stunning skin in two tones, called Jesse. The skin comes in ‘deep tan’ and ‘sunkissed’ with extra cleavage options and also hairline options, to make a total of eight skins to choose from.

Search groups for Belleza. Make sure you join the one formed by Tricky Boucher, which has the title of: -Belleza- (including the hyphens), as there is another group of a similar name. You’ll have to pay 250L$ to join, but make sure you stay in the group, as gifts are relatively frequent and generous. The gift went out on September 26th, and will stay in group notices for two weeks, so you have another week to get it.

TOP TIP: if you can’t remember which groups you paid to join, you can either check the group’s profile (even though it’s greyed-out, you’ll still see the group join fee there) or you can make a note of the group’s name in the Notes section of your own profile (which is a handy place to keep stuff like that close-to-hand without having to search for it).

I’ve photographed Mar in both skintones, and with the cleavage options, too.


October 3, 2009 - Posted by | group freebies, pay-to-join groups, second life, skins

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