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Closing down sale at Dany French Touch

Sadly, another store in SL is closing, and it’s the wonderful Dany French Touch. There have always been gorgeous dollarbies in this tiny store, but now all of the other outfits are 50L$ each. I’ve no idea when the sale will end, but there are some beautiful outfits for men and women to be had. I suggest you hot-foot it over there as soon as you can. (Guys, if you want historical outfits, you need to visit this store, okay? That’s not the only style they have, but there are some wonderful historical creations, both for men and women.)

Mar’s going to showcase just a few of the dollarbies and 50L$ outfits (and at the end is one of the male outfits that works equally well on ladies; completely unusual and beautiful!)

Hop behind the cut for more.

There are many more dollarbies, both for men and women at the store. And now, just a few of the 50L$ items.

Add some goggles and this dress would make a wonderful steampunk sky pirate outfit:

If you get no other dress from the store, get this one. The picture doesn’t do it enough justice; it is exquisitely textured and created:

And one of the male outfits, which sized down nicely to fit Mar:


October 2, 2009 - Posted by | cheapies, closing down sales, dollarbies, dresses, for the guys, historical costume, limited time offers, second life

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  1. […] texturing work is superb, and I highly recommend these clothes. Mar blogged a few of the others here on the old SL for Nowt blog, the last time Dany held a sale. Note that all of the outfits show in […]

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