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Newbie Notes: “Help! I’m pregnant!/a vampire!”

Oh dear…

If you’re a newbie to Second Life and you’re panicking because you’ve just let a vampire bite you and been told it costs a LOT of money to ‘get your soul back’, or if you’ve been engaging in pixel-bumping shenanigans, only to have your partner’s naughty bits inform you that a bundle of prim joy will soon be winging its way to you via the sculpty stork, then read on.

Vampires in SL

You will come across many vampires in SL. Some are true roleplayers, possibly playing a variant of Vampire: The Masquerade. These vampires tend to hang out in roleplay sims, and they don’t bother other avatars or expect them to join in with their RP.

The other primary type of vampire is the Bloodlines player. I mentioned Bloodlines in my 30 Things Every Newbie Should Know Before Starting Second Life post, but basically, it’s a pyramid-style game. The wannabe vampire pays approximately 600L$ for the Bloodlines fangs and HUD. This HUD is connected to a web server which, when the vampire scans an area full of avatars, will tell him or her who has and hasn’t already been bitten by another Bloodlines vampire. There is usually (not always, but usually) very little actual roleplay involved in a Bloodlines ‘bite’. It’s just scan > find unbitten avatar > offer bite. Some Bloodlines vampires will go the extra mile and actually roleplay an approach to the potential ‘victim’, but in all the bite offers that Mar has had (and she has had a lot) not one of them has involved anything more than the bite offer, out of the blue.

More often than not, the first you will know about a vampire being in your vicinity, is when you get a blue dropdown ‘flag’ in the top right of your screen, and some green text in your chat window, to the tune of:

“Fangs [Thirst::Bloodlines] 2.8: (Avatar Name) would like to give you a Vampire bite. This will register you with The Thirst::Bloodlines system, and you’ll get a FREE pair of bite marks. If you accept the bite, you don’t have to play, and if you get bitten, you don’t have to drink a potion to undo it. Say Yes to accept!”

It is entirely up to you whether you allow yourself to be bitten. If you do, then you’ll never be bothered by another Bloodlines player again, because when they scan near you, you will show up as having already been bitten. If you don’t want to be bitten, and don’t want to be bothered again, you can always use the ‘garlic necklace’ (you can find it free at Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise). But be aware that both letting yourself get bitten, and using the necklace will put you on a database somewhere (they have to; otherwise the Bloodlines HUD won’t know to ignore you as a potential ‘victim’). If you’re comfortable with that, then either method will ensure you’re never bothered again.

The other method is simply to ignore all bite offers. Many places, especially newbie-oriented places, have banned Bloodlines users from scanning their customers, so if you receive a bite offer at one of those places, report it to the store or sim owner. While many find Bloodlines intrusive and annoying, a considerate Bloodlines vampire will respect store and sim owners’ wishes and not harrass their customers for bites when they are specifically told not to.

NEVER pay for any ‘potion’ or anything that claims it will return your avatar’s soul to you. The main thing to remember is: you do not have to play along with it (unless you want to). If you have been bitten, your character does not have to be a vampire. You can just ignore it and carry on with your Second Life. Nothing will happen to you at all. Second Life is not like other games, where – once something has happened to you – you have to go along with it. Nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to.

If you are bitten, then your name will be searchable on the Bloodlines site (go here and type in your name to search for it) and your avatar’s ‘soul’ will be listed as belonging to the vampire that bit you. This can be upsetting, especially for those with certain, or strong religious beliefs, but bear in mind that you do not have to go through with any of it, and it is not actually real.

For more info, read the following threads on the old official SL forums. Be warned: they’re quite long, and get a tad argumentative in places. But they are good, informative posts where you can learn a lot, not only about Bloodlines, but what people feel about it:

Okay, so I read a lot about Bloodlines.

Tired of vampire bites? Read this.

Pregnancy in SL

So you’ve been bumpin’ and grindin’ and having fun on the poseballs. Then, out of the blue, your partner’s bits and pieces tell you you’re pregnant! Or, a day or so after the, ahem, ‘act’ you receive a notecard from your partner, telling you that his bits and pieces have informed him that he’s going to be a proud father.

Help! You don’t want an SL baby! You just got your avatar looking nice; you don’t want to have to search for maternity clothes and lose that fabulous pixel figure!

Relax, ladies. Just like the vampire bites, you can just shrug and say, “Nope”. You don’t have to play along with it (unless you want to). And you most certainly do NOT have to pay for some kind of ‘abortion pill’ to ‘get rid of the baby’ (seriously, who thinks up these things?!)

There are many women that do want to roleplay pregnancy in SL, for many reasons. You can buy pregnant shapes, prim babies, even ‘talking tummies’ (although, PLEASE, if you don’t want to bug the hell out of people, set them so they only tell you that they’re giving you gas, or kicking like a world class footballer). But it can be one hell of a shock for a woman playing SL to suddenly be told her avatar is pregnant.

SL is not like The Sims. Nothing will happen to your avatar, unless you want it to. Don’t want to roleplay being pregnant? Just blithely ignore it. And, if you fancy a laugh, send the impregnating rogue Sarah Nerd’s hilarious free two headed prim baby, together with a sweet IM to the tune of, “Here’s your prim progeny, stud!” ;-)

The bottom line

What it all boils down to is this: if you want to play along with anything in SL, you can. If you don’t want to play along, you don’t have to. You can simply ignore it. Whether a vampire wants to bite you, or last night’s sex god’s prim knob informs you that you’re up the duff, you can just shrug and carry on with your Second Life. The only fantasies you need to entertain in SL are your own.


September 28, 2009 - Posted by | newbie notes, second life


  1. Good on you for posting that – I feel so lucky that I didn’t encounter Bloodlines or prim pregnancy in my early days on SL because they would have confused the heck out of me.
    When I was eventually approached by a Bloodlines vampire, fortunately, my response was ‘What? No! Piss off!’

    Comment by Jane Primrose | September 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks, Jane :)

    Considering that I blogged here just about everything that I encountered in Mar’s early days, if either of the above situations had happened to me back then (the second one very likely not; that’s not what Mar’s in SL for!) my growing readership at the time would have heard about it. With names ;)

    Comment by Mar | September 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do :)

    Comment by Tsquare | March 5, 2010 | Reply

  4. […] If someone has told you that you do, then they’re scamming you. You don’t. See this post for more […]

    Pingback by Those Little Questions : SL for Nowt | February 6, 2011 | Reply

  5. RUBBISH!!! I was ‘biten’ once not knowing what it meant. I cant find my name in the site but I am constantly being quoted by vamps that my soul belongs to someone else with various solutions such as other bites, eating the worm blood of dracula, becoming a blood doll or taking a Hemlock potion to cure my lost soul. ( Hemlock is a deadly poison that will kill a horse stone dead ) Now it appears I have to wear garlic and add credibility to a shower of childish greifers and psycho’s. The best thing to do is send in abuse reports until we rid our game of this crap.

    Comment by Justine Edenflower | May 12, 2011 | Reply

    • You don’t have to do anything, Justine, as this post mentions. You don’t need to wear garlic (all that necklace does is register your name on the SL Bloodlines website as being non-available, so you never get pestered again, and you only need to wear it once and then throw it away). You don’t need to take any of those stupid potions to ‘get your soul back’ (again, as the post mentions – did you actually read it thoroughly?). In fact, since you’ve already been bitten then I don’t know why these ‘vampires’ are bothering to tell you you’re off-limits and don’t go and find the nearest non-bitten avatar instead. I wonder, actually, where you’re finding them all, because as I wander SL lately I haven’t had a single bite offer in months (and no, I’ve not been bitten before; nor have I worn the necklace). They just don’t seem to be out there in any great numbers now, unless you hang around in vampire sims or at newbie places (which is where I suspect they now congregate; everyone else being wise to them these days).

      Your world, your imagination. Their world, their imagination. Yes, they can be annoying, but they’re not breaking any ToS rules, unless they are actively harrassing you and won’t leave you alone when you ask them to kindly bugger off. Abuse reports for ‘vampires want to bite me’ won’t get actioned by Linden Lab. ‘Our game’ is their game, too. Your idea of crap is their idea of enjoyment, just as things you might enjoy could be things they think of as crap. As long as they’re not actively (and repeatedly) harrassing people or causing undue upset, the best course of action against them is to just walk away. Maybe don’t go to those places where they seem to cluster.

      And maybe don’t kvetch at bloggers who are actually trying to help newbies who may be confused by what the hell just happened to them, okay? Okay :)

      Comment by Mar | May 13, 2011 | Reply

  6. Remember, SL is about *your* experience online. Interacting with others should enhance that as well. I was offered a few bite offers when I first joined, but each one was respectful and made it a point to state I did not have to accept.

    Whether it was because the players offering were women or not, I choose not to play bloodlines because of a personal choice. But those I know that do were kind enough to respect my wishes.

    SL is a lot like a movie. Your avatar is the star. Do what makes you happy and decide what roles to play if any and the path you choose to walk.

    Comment by Allenric Amaranth | October 20, 2011 | Reply

  7. The problem I am having is I was bitten as a newb and I dont want to ignore it, I have gotten messages as well about my soul being this or that. I did drink the wormwood and my soul went from Limbo to the Abyss and now I want to know if I drink the Hemlock if it will go back to Limbo then from the Abyss. Is this a money making misleading scam? Drink potions to have my soul jump back and forth from the Abyss to Limbo? The instruction in the bites are misleading and the potions are even more misleading. I dont see any other RPs in SL that are this misleading, spam or harassing as Bloodlines is. The Bite didnt say accepting this will add you to a database someplace as it should have read. I want my name off all the databases that has to do with Bloodlines, a necklaces isnt needed for me to protect myself from other RP so why should it be at all for any of them. It needs to come down to only HUD users can be targeted showing they already give consent to be apart of it. Anyone know if the Hemlock will give ME back MY soul? Because the instruction only tell me what happens if I want to be bitten again.

    Comment by passive | January 17, 2014 | Reply

    • Passive, the bites don’t usually tell you anything about databases, mainly because they know more people are likely to say ‘no’ if they think their name is being stored somewhere out of their control. Whether you drink the hemlock or not, your name HAS to be on a database; be it the “I’m in limbo” database or the “I’m in the abyss” database. Databases are the only way for any of these grid-wide games to let their players’ HUDs know whether they can bite another avatar or not. You cannot be removed from the database unless you can find out who’s running the entire thing (and I have no idea who that is; you could try finding contact info on the Bloodlines website, perhaps).

      All of these games that require players to PAY for something, no matter whether it’s to remove curses, spells, and bites, etc., or whether it’s breedable pets that you have to keep buying food for (or else they’ll die) are money-making. They’re not scams, as they have to be set-up within Linden Lab’s strict gaming rules, but they definitely are money-making for the person who thought them up.

      The reason why they’re money-making is that (in the case of things like the vampire games) people get worried and are willing to pay for whatever potions or whatnot the game tells them they must use in order to be ‘unbitten’ (or what-have-you), and in the case of the pets they don’t want their beloved animal to die so they keep paying continually for food and other things the pet needs in order to stay alive.

      What I will tell you is this:

      1. Your avatar doesn’t have a soul, and this vampire game does not affect your actual soul (if your real life belief is in such things). Honestly, don’t worry about it. Nothing bad will come out of your being on a database (it’s only your avatar’s UUID [ the identifying number for the avatar name ] that goes into the database; it doesn’t know any of your account info such as real name or email address). After all, your name is entered onto a database every time you click to join a store’s Subscribe-o-matic update group, so you’re probably in a lot of databases already.

      2. Don’t buy anything else to do with Bloodlines. You don’t need to drink anything or pay for anything. Just IGNORE IT.

      3. If you’re getting spammed by messages then open up your chat history and click the name of the object that’s spamming you. It will be at the start of the spammy text (like someone’s name is at the start of whatever they’re saying in-world). You should see a small popup that includes a link to the in-world profile of the person who owns that object. Click that and then click ‘block’ (or mute, or whatever your viewer’s option is) and you won’t hear anything else from that avatar or anything they own. If you continue getting the messages then keep doing this, as there may be more than one object owner.

      4. Stop worrying about it, and just get on with enjoying your Second Life :)

      Comment by Mar | February 20, 2015 | Reply

  8. thank you so much,before i read your blog, i thought if a vampire bite you,you turn into a vampire
    (avatar changes from human to vamp)
    also i didn’t know abt the search hud that vamp owns and the database scarry..,:'(
    and pregancy from vam WoW
    never heard of it
    does he give you a big belly!!
    ty again

    Comment by nina | April 6, 2015 | Reply

    • No, Nina, you only “get a big belly” if you purchase a special pregnant shape or edit your own shape to look pregnant. You’re only “pregnant” in SL if you decide to play along with it. If you decide to ignore it then nothing will happen.

      Comment by Mar | April 14, 2015 | Reply

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