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Jewellery Fair 2009: List of Freebies, Dollarbies & Cheapies

I’ve just spent the past four hours at the two-sim Jewellery Fair 2009, listing all of the freebies, dollarbies and cheapies to be found. I think I caught them all, although I may have missed one or two as I started to tire towards the end.

Behind the cut you will find the notecarded list that I made as I went along. There are some beautiful creations at the Jewellery Fair, and they cater to all pockets, from the freebie-hunter to the “I’m gonna splurge” shopper (and Mar was both, at certain points!)

The sims are divided into four seasons, with different parcels. I tried to keep an eye on the parcels as I walked through them, so you can tell roughly where you are. It’s a simple build, much like a maze that guides you around, and the stores are on one side only, so there’s no risk of missing some places out.

I don’t have time to take pictures of everything right now, although hopefully I’ll be able to log in over the next couple of days to showcase some of the best items I found. For now, the list is just that: a list. Keep an eye out for your favourite designers, and hopefully you’ll discover some new ones. :)

Find the official blog for the fair at Jewelers of SL.

Hop behind the cut.

Starting at the JewelryFair 1 sim and heading East.



Fairy Tail:
10L$ Vanessa Necklace & pierce

1L$ Petit Bolero pierced earrings


Earthsong Creations:
Box of free gifts (meditation cushion, Fairy Song, Gold Whale Tail necklace, Rainbow Mystic Topaz pendant)

Ticky Tacky:
Three dollarbies – Chipotle Love Child Necklace, Daily Bangles, Don’t Cry For Me earrings)

Caithlyn Carter Designs:
5L$ ‘Reflective’ bangles & hoop earrings.

Free Coronado Gold Pink Pearl Pendant
29L$ Teared Necklace w/5 colour changes (male & female sizes)

Free Hortensia earrings

Addiction Jewelry:
Free Hoop Crazy Dangle earrings

Earth Jewel:
Free Gallant Bracelet (yellow gold)

The Blue Pearl:
Free Chained Hearts necklace & earring set
Notes: Beautiful Indian-style jewellery, and at fabulous prices (20L). Check out the main items, not just the freebies!


DM Designs:
Free Hermione Belly Rings (amber, gold, silver)

Exquisite Jewellery:
Free Red Cameo & Pearl Ring (plus demo of High Desert Copper Turquoise Necklace)

Queen & Co.:
Free ‘Time Zones’ set in Onyx (bangle bracelets L&R, choker, headband, stack bangles L&R)

Free Tigerlily Barrettes (chin & mouth attachment points)

Sable Rose:
Free ladies’ Zydeco Necklace (blue) & mens’/unisex Corkscrew Choker

G&T Creations:
Free Yin & Yang blue/pink male and female (not sure what it is until I try it on)

Free Rainbow Ribbons set (bangle, necklace, earrings)

Free lace/amber bellychain, and silver/amber Sasun Choker Chain

Frippery, by Elizabeth Tinsley:
1L$ Tree of Life earrings

Ooo, Shiny!:
25L$ Broduil Celtic Bands (male & female) & 50L Embossed Claddagh bands in gold & silver

Smooth Designs:
Free Ladies Solitaire Set, Gents Onyx Set, and ‘Shiney Things’ (need to unpack to see what they are)

Rhiamon’s Realm:
1L$ ‘All My Love’ platinum choker

1L$ ‘Key on a String’ necklace


FJD: (on carts)
Free Chain mail headpiece, Silver Eternity Gemstone Rings, Pearl Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet, and Rainbow Bangles)

Free ‘Soul Window’ & Rosary Bead Bracelet.
1L$ Carnival Earrings, Extra Piercings (with and without facelight)
Cheapie wall (on left) 5L Recycled Bullet Casing Necklace, ‘Coraline’-style button eyes, Mens’ Blackheart Necklace, and 10L Women’s Blackheart Necklace (with more charms)

1L$ ‘Geheimnis’ necklace (chest & spine attachment points), on back wall, on right

Ear Candy:
1L$ female gift (Boho Earrings)
1L$ male gift (Black leather Earrings, Wrist Band & Necklace, Silver Necklace)

Dark Mouse:
Free 30s Art Deco Ring


RH Engel:
Free Jade Beads Earrings & Necklace

Eye Candy:
Free Bunneh necklace – I’ve got Bunny Fever!

=======SIM CROSSING=======



Free ‘Reggie’ Necklace

Aurora Borealis:
Free ‘World Peace’ pearl earrings & necklace

MC Designs:
Four freebie crates containing: Triangle Amethyst Earrings, Golden Eye Necklace, big set of Flexiprim Belly Jewels in various gemstones, Three x ‘Three Stone necklaces’ (silver/pink/diamond, gold/diamond, silver/ruby/diamond), Three Stone Gold Diamond earrings, Three Stone Silver Ruby earrings

Free ‘Secret Garden’ earrings & necklace

AHC Jewelry:
Free Bangles in various colours


LusaBella Jewels:
1L$ Expo bangles and Silver Bangles

G. Field:
Free Brass Key necklaces for men & women, plus gift for joining the subscribe-o-matic

Free Wooden Hoop earrings


LR Design:
1L$ Neverending Story Ring

Sil’q’waggi, by Silk & Satyr:
Free ‘Avril’ bangle, Collar sampler, Falling Star Alexandrite Earrings

Free black & silver Deco bracelets (& Halloween versions) L&R


Free No. 300 white bracelets (L&R)

1L$ Green/Gold Absinthe ‘Clover’ jewellery (earrings, stud earrings)

Star Kindler Designs:
1L ‘Atomic’ set in green/gold (earrings, necklace in various sizes, ring in various sizes, stud earrings)


1L$ Minnie Mouse Bellyjewel


2L$ items: Ice Cream Sundae Hat, Cupcake Hat, Ladybugs for Hair.

Cihuae Jewelry:
Free Kathy style ring with ruby & diamond

1L$ Corazones earrings & necklace

FS Jewelry Design:
Free Jewelry Smily Welcome Gift

Body Wear:
20L$ Long Nights necklace

Hogarth Designs: (on cart)
1L$ Silver Heart Anklet

No gift, but Autumn Lace Necklace given when you subscribe


Prims & Pearls: (on cart)
Free Showers for Flowers necklace

Free Legion Necklace (chest & spine attachments) – male

Sian Birke Jewelry:
Free Fall Colours Topaz earrings & necklace

Studio Sidhe:
Free Silver Flower Pendant

1L$ Aurelie Teardrop Necklace

Violet Voltaire:
1L$ Love In A Void Bracelets. White and black available, 1L$ each set.

J&W Jewelers:
10L$ Lesley Collection (earrings & necklace)

Bliensen & MaiTai:
1L$ Vintage Earrings


Gems & Kisses:
Free earrings, black and white.

Purangi Designs:
1L$ box containing: Domed Hammered Gold earrings, Flamingo earrings, Gold Crinkled Bangles, Orange/red tipped Hair Lily, texture-changing Kitty Ring, Silver Loopy Bracelet, Men’s Double Loop Bracelet, Purple Multi Bangle Bundle.

Dionysia Designs:
Four dollarbie boxes: Celtic Heart Belly Ring, Medusa Cameo Bracelet, Victorian Broach Bracelet, Men’s Silver & Turquoise Bolo Tie. Medusa Cameo Ring is a gift for joining the subscribe-o-matic.


Prinny’s Prims: (on cart)
Free Diamond Guardian Angel Necklace & Peace Symbol Ring

=======SIM CROSSING=======



(Now head West, to finish the area you started out in.)

Free Glass Fairy Ring and Large Pearl Stud Earrings

Beautiful Jewels:
10L$ Tealsong Tanzanire Gold Ring

Free Advanced LVL2 Class on Making a Bracelet
5L$ box of sexy walk anklets (copper, gold, silver)


Free unisex Vinca pin

CentoPallini: (on cart)
1L$ Ribbon with brooch


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  1. Wow Mar…thank you for this. I’ve never been to a Jewelry Fair before, but will check it out thanks to your information. :-)

    Comment by trishagelber | September 21, 2009 | Reply

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  3. […] this I’ve found a very detailed post listing Slurls and short description of the goodies, click here please. (respect […]

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  4. Hi, Trisha :) You’re very welcome!

    Comment by Mar | September 23, 2009 | Reply

  5. […] just read about the Jewellery Fair 2009 on the SL for Nowt blog, apparently there’s a whole load of free jewellery! woot! I just hope the lag […]

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