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Wear Grey for a Day

Today (September 18th) is the day when Second Life’s avatars are being asked to wear grey for a day, to raise awareness of brain cancer. You can read more about it on the Wear Grey Blog.

Accidental Avatar, a store featuring retro aviation and adventure-themed clothing ‘and other kitsch’, has a top featuring the cute ‘Amelia Bear’. AA’s owner, Brenda Connolly, has said that for the rest of the week she will be donating all sales of the tops from her store to the cause. The top was also sent out this afternoon to the Baby Monkey group, with a request that people make a donation if they can. This is one case where I will urge you not to just think, “Yay! Freebie! Thanks!”; instead, please do consider making a donation, however small. There are many organisations you can donate to, from the American Cancer Society, to Leap for a Cure. Mar’s donation will go to Maggies Cancer Caring Centres.

Mar’s grey outfit for today comprised the skirt from the B11 outfit for Peppermint Blue’s second anniversary (see previous post), the Accidental Avatar top, House of Curio’s 40L$ ‘Neo’ boots, and Bewitched Hair’s ‘Carrie’ in dark grey.


September 18, 2009 - Posted by | second life

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