SL for Nowt

Living a digital life with empty pockets

All together, boys…

I want you to memorise how to spell Maschienenwerk.


Got that? Good. Now don’t forget it! In fact, when you TP over there to take a look at the latest fantastic new stuff from owner Armin Rickena, make sure you file away one of the landmarks in the folders you’ll end up getting. (And yes, you’ll end up getting folders, I promise you.) And, if you have a few L$ to spare, drop some in the tip jar, because Armin gives this stuff away, and it’s so good he should be charging for it, so help the guy out with his tier while you grab his fabby freebies ;)

NOTE: If the store isn’t where the LM I’ve given here lands you, then use your SL client’s search option. Maschienenwerk moves around fairly regularly, but Search will always point you in the right direction for its current location.

Everything in Maschienenwerk is FREE, and it’s some of the best guys’ stuff around. Want to know how good? How about this?

The jacket, jeans (with fabulous prim cuffs) and Chucks are all completely free. The glasses are 40L$ from House of Curios (and they’re colour-change, so you have more than just black to choose from), and if you don’t want to pay for glasses, guess what? Yep, there are free specs and sunglasses at Maschienenwerk, too. Hair is Bernard – TB1, an old group gift from MADesigns (join the kMADd Enterprise group for regular freebies, and check on the fifth floor of the store for their freebie fatpack of hair called Slide. Also, if you have room in your picks [make sure your profile is set to show in search!] then there are currently four hairstyles in the store’s picks reward scheme). The skin is Jonas, an old group gift from –Belleza– (250L$ group join fee and, although there have been no free skins for a while, the group is generous with freebies when new skins are in the offing).

Want more? Okay! Here’s the same jacket, in olive, and the H Jeans, again with prim cuffs. And, again, free from Maschienenwerk:

Poses are freebies from Izumiya.


September 15, 2009 - Posted by | cheapies, for the guys, freebies, hair, second life, shoes

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