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A couple of wee changes on the blog, and what’s coming up

Just popping in to give a quick notice to you all of a couple of changes on the blog.

First of all, I’ve been informed that Kaemi sandbox no longer exists, so I’ve removed the link to it from my Sandboxes links in the blog’s sidebar. I’m sorry to see Kaemi go, because it was always such a nice, quiet place that I liked to recommend to newbies. I was never griefed there, and it was never too busy. If anyone has any recommendations for sandboxes (preferably quiet ones where a newbie would feel ‘safe’) then please let me know in comments (preferably with a SLurl) and I’ll check them out as soon as I can.

Secondly, the Non Newbieness Guides sorely need an update, I know. I’m going to set to work on this as soon as I can, because many of the locations have moved or no longer exist. Hopefully, I’ll find time to make a start on that this coming weekend.

I have several blogposts and series that are being added to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list. Some of these include go-to lists of SLurls for things like free/cheap hair and suchlike, so that people have a one-stop-shop for things like that. Something like my recent Free AOs post. I can do a great deal of this on my own, but I have a fabulous bunch of people reading this blog, and I’m going to appeal for your help. Start pulling together those links for me, people! Hair, shoes, skins, shapes, clothes: permanent freebies/cheapies only (less than 50L$), so that the links on the blog don’t die when an offer ends. Together, we could make a great resource list, so drop me an email with those links (address in the sidebar) or leave a comment.

I have some more Newbie Notes and tutorials in the works, and not enough time to get everything done! My ‘draft posts’ list is getting longer by the day ;) Coming up, though, is an open letter to everyone involved in Treasure Hunts, both hunters and merchants alike. It will build on my Hunt Etiquette post, so keep an eye out for that.

Lastly, a project I would love to get off the ground is a list of sociable places where people can meet. Not for dates, but for general chitchat, at all hours that would suit all timezones. Know of anywhere? Or of any general groups that allow banter and chatter and don’t shout members down for ‘spamming’ the channel? Again, drop me an email. So many people come into Second Life wanting to meet up with other people, and find nothing but empty malls and skyboxes full of traffic bots, or males with big freenises duckwalking up to them and saying, “Hi, wanna f*ck?” Let’s pull together another list: of great places for general socialising, and of groups where someone will always respond when someone plucks up the courage to post their first, “Hi,” to group chat.

It’s about time you lot got involved in what I do here. C’mon, peeps! SLurl me! :p


September 7, 2009 - Posted by | adminny stuff


  1. Hello,
    I just want to say, I love your site and it’s been a wonderful resource for me. I am 78 days old in SL and your newbie advice has been so useful to me. Sure, some of the links are out of date but the basic ideas carry over. Most of my freebie links are thanks to your column so I can’t help you much there. But as for good place to meet people and chat I know of one that you might not be aware of It’s called Zen Haven Island, Wijero Paradise (177, 23, 22. this is what it says in the charter:

    ~*~The aim of the Island is very simple: ~*~

    We will each of us strive to be helpful, kind and caring to all newcomers.

    To look after our sisters and brothers, sharing information and knowledge with our family and all women and men who come here looking for a warm welcome and a smile.

    Those that have experience must do thier best to help teach others.

    No Weapons; No griefing;No sexual activities; No Child Avatars;No Harassment.

    These Island rules must always be followed.

    It’s fairly new and not well known but the people there are really nice and caring. It’s pretty dead in the day time but picks up in the USA evening hours. There’s a changing room (house actually) for women and a separate one for guys. There’s a beach and a dance floor and a few different seating areas where people hang out and chat. The group chat is open for anybody to say whatever, as long as it’s in keeping with the charter. I’ve been turned on to a few great midnight madness ops from it.’

    My other main hang out is NCI Kuula, which you probably already know all about. I’ve made the most friends there and even learned how to help “newer than meebies”. NCI’s group chat is great for when you need an answer to anything and you’re away from NCI at the time. But I’ve noticed that people get pretty chatty on it and never have I seen anybody chided for it. Of course the first priority at NCI is always the person asking for help but after that general chatting about anything and everything is never discouraged.
    And there is always someone there at NCI – anytime day or night.
    yours truly,

    Comment by kattatonia Wickentower | September 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank you, kattatonia :) I’ll definitely add Zen Haven Island to my ‘to be checked out’ list for good newbie and social places.

    I have been to NCI, yes, and it’s a fabulous place for newbies. It’s also, as you’re finding out, a great way to pay forward kindness and help shown to us when we were newbies. I’m not in the group personally, but I have watched it as an alt account, and it’s just as you describe.

    Comment by Mar | September 12, 2009 | Reply

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