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Magical Prices at Magi Take

Magi Take is one store everyone should have a landmark to. The clothing (and, now, furniture) they sell is high-quality and as cheap as anything. There’s female stuff and unisex stuff that works brilliantly for the guys (and, of course, for the girls!) Mar took a wander over there today, to check out the new items and buy up half the store. Here are just a few of the looks she put together.

First up, a cosy cardi and denim skirt set that would be perfect for schlepping around the shops, snapping up bargains in the autumn sales. I’ve listed the prices on the pictures, and in this pic there’s also a group gift item. More on how to get that in a minute.

Hop behind the cut for more pics and info on the group freebies!

Take Lowey, owner of Magi Take, is another of SL’s very generous creators. There are tons of group freebies out in the store. Head outside, and then up the stairs to the upper floor. On the wall, you’ll see masses of free stuff! You need to join the group (click the sign in the middle) and have your group tag activated, then just touch the items to receive them.

Mar’s next look is perfect for a weekend walk with friends or family. A roomy backpack to hold essentials, hard-wearing cord pants, comfy slip-on shoes, and a sweater in case the weather turns a bit chilly. Almost all the clothing in Magi Take comes on every possible layer, with additional gloves, cuffs and whatnot. You can put so many looks together!

An afternoon’s coffee, cake, and gossip session with the girls would be a good place to wear this next outfit. Again, the cord pants, teamed with sneakers and a gorgeous top with nice detailing at the back. You’ll find this in the store as a ‘cutsew’, which must be the name of this style of top in Japan. Can anyone enlighten me on that?

Lastly, for strolling around the City, we have the Outerwear Dress and the cute casual cap, which comes with hair in different colours. I wanted boots for this outfit, and Mar’s beloved Neo boots from House of Curios fitted the bill nicely

To keep up-to-date on Magi Take’s new releases (and to browse the store’s items in you’re not in-world) check out their blog:

September 6, 2009 - Posted by | accessories, bags, boots, cheapies, dresses, for the guys, furniture, group freebies, hair, second life, shoes

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