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Dollarbies at Slanted Fox

Winter blogged about the dollarbie sale at Slanted Fox over on FreeStyle, and I had to run over to see what was available. Well, just about everything in the store is marked down to 1L$ for the entirety of September, at which time the store will begin to trade under a new name: Visual Haiku.

There’s classy stuff, urban stuff, hair, shoes, bags, stuff for guys, stuff for girls. Did I mention it was all just 1L$?

The weather’s getting a bit chilly this side of the pond, so how about this snuggly Hot Chocolate set (including boots so warm I can feel my toes toasting!) for 1L$?

Or maybe you fancy this Winter Wage outfit. 1L$ for all the clothes, 1L$ for the hat, and the shoes are the Cutie Pooties in velvet black (other colours available) for 1L$, too. Guys, there’s a male version of this outfit for you (sans skirt, you will be relieved to know *g*)

Hop behind the cut for a few more!

This is the fabby Mad Hatter’s Ball outfit, and you get everything here, including shoes and hat. Perfect for any Alice-themed parties you might be going to over the winter season!

I love this Cocktail Waitress outfit. Shoes, as before, are the Cutie Pooties:

And finally, three dollarbies from the Onigiri Collection. Be careful here, as the large image of the skirt has not been marked down, and is still 100L$. Buy from the three smaller pics above it: those are 1L$ each (and you still get the skirt). Just watch you don’t get too click-happy here!

Remember, you’ve got all of September to buy these items. There’s lots more at the store!


September 6, 2009 - Posted by | accessories, bags, boots, dollarbies, dresses, for the guys, hair, limited time offers, second life, shoes

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