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Heads-up to bloggers

If you have blogged in the past about hunts that are being repeated later with the same name, you might want to temporarily make private any posts about the earlier hunts. I’ve been noticing a lot of individual searches for the current hunt (listed below in the screencap; I won’t name it in text, because the exact same problem as I’m about to describe will crop up!), and hits to my blog posts about the previous Hunt of the same name, held back in March of this year:

At first, I tried re-titling those posts, to add “March 2009 hunt, not the current one!”, and I added a large red header to each post, stating the same thing. But people are still hitting those pages in their search for hints, so I’m locking those posts down to private until the hunt is over.

Bloggers, you might want to know that another Peace on Earth Hunt will be ongoing at the end of this year. While it’s great for us, as bloggers, to get hits to our blogs (thus more readers) I know how disillusioning it can feel when you search for something and find only old, outdated posts about it.

P.S. All you ‘hint-searchers’ – I’m glad to see that hints are catching on, because they’re more fun than direct locations. Boo on the two of you yesterday, who came to SL for Nowt, looking for exact locations! :p


September 2, 2009 - Posted by | adminny stuff

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