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Starlight, star bright

There are new, free Eloh Eliot skins at The Gnubie Store (follow the beam upstairs), and at Eloh’s shop in Lippert. For those not in the know, Eloh is an amazingly generous creator who gives her skins and layered skin templates out free, under license, so that others can create skins of their own as well as wearing her originals. You can read more about the skins, and where and how to obtain the templates if you want to make your own skins, at Eloh’s blog.

She has just released five beautiful skins called ‘Starlight’ and in my opinion they are her best yet. The skins almost glow; they are so radiant. You’ll get freckled and un-freckled versions, and lots of options.

Groups of five are always hard to photograph, since I wanted to give you good-sized images of these, to show how lovely they are. So I’ve grouped them into two, two, and one. The skins are called, in order of lightest to darkest: Phaola, Polyxo, Eudora, Ambrosia, and Koronis. My personal favourite is the second-lightest: Polyxo, on the right in this first pic.

I’ve photographed these using Caliah Lyon’s Windlight preset for optimising avatars. You can create this preset yourself, using Caliah’s instructions on her blog.

August 22, 2009 - Posted by | freebies, second life, skins


  1. Wow…these skins are really beautiful! Thank you for letting us know they are available! :-)

    Comment by trishagelber | August 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. They are gorgeous, yes, Trisha :) What’s more, you can use the PSD files to edit them and create your own customised skins, and what fabulous bases they are!

    Comment by Mar | August 27, 2009 | Reply

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