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Memoirs of a Secret Geisha Boy

I spotted this lovely Midnight Mania prize on another blog (Chic at Phil’s Place – she’s on my blogroll, and a great freebie blogger; check her out daily!) and I hopped over to slap the board at The Gentlemen Bastards. While I was there, I found other goodies, including a lucky chair and a lucky board containing a beautiful and unusual gift: a geisha boy skin and outfit. I stuck around, the board went onto a wildcard, and I got it. It works best with a delicate male shape, and I knew just where to get one, so more lucky board hanging-around was required, at Den-Dou (go downstairs and look up above the archway) to get their sweet ‘Shiro’ shape.

Hop behind the cut for more pics!

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I often feature heels for the ladies on here, but what about the boys (and the tomboys)? Well, here are four pairs of flat n’ funky shoes for you.

First up, two styles of sneaker from Maschienenwerk. This is an ‘everything inside is free’ store that I always send newbie males to. Owner Armin Rickena has some fantastic freebies inside (female stuff, too) and you can’t go wrong with anything in the store.

These are his Chucks. I picked the black, white, and grey ones, but they come in a lot of other colours, too. They have resize scripts and are unisex, and best of all, completely free!

Hop behind the cut for the other shoes I found :)

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Savvy up your avvy, boys!

I’ve got not one, but two XstreetSL bargains of the week for you today, and I’m so excited I could hop up and down on the spot, because this time it’s something for the boys! You poor guys get so few bargains of this quality, and when an offer like this comes along I’m all over it like a badly-fitted suit, trying to get it onto the blog for you!

Talking of suits, one of the two bargains most certainly is not badly-fitted. Bargain #1 is this fabulous Business Class Mens’ Suit Set from Savvy Avvy, and it costs just 50L$ for one week only. Normal price is 399L$. You get the suit jacket and pants, two buttoned shirts (undershirt layer) in black and white, two system layer ties (shirt layer) in black and white, two prim ties in black and white, two unbuttoned shirts (shirt layer) in black and white, and two collars for the unbuttoned shirt (black and white again).

The skin in these pics is ‘Jonas’, a recent group gift from Belleza, the hair is ‘Slide’ (free from MADesigns) and the shoes are House of Curios’ Formal Dress Shoes (10L$) –

(By the way, I was looking for some new male poses, since I only have a couple and I’m getting bored of using the same ones over and over! I looked through a few items I’d got from the Make Him Over Hunt, and found a pose chair from a store that I’ve not heard of before: 3M. The chair was fabulous, but I wanted some standing poses, so I hopped over to the store. They have amazing male-only poses (two of which I used in the above picture), and at great, cheap prices (40L$), so all of you boy poseurs out there, pay 3M a visit!)

The other bargain of the week is also from Savvy Avvy, and is also a limited one week only offer at 50L$. It’s the Black Leather Mens’ Fitted Trench

Gotta run, guys. You’ve only got a week to get these at those prices!

*looks up at her male avi and wonders if he’s doing anything tonight* ;)

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