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Huge ‘closing out’ sale at BWH and HoH

No, they’re not closing completely, but Bewitched Hair and House of Heart are having what they call “a closing out sale of sorts”, and you need to get there fast if you have favourite styles from either place. Why? Because the House of Heart textures will no longer be used, the tipped colours are going the same way, and half of the combined hair inventories of both houses will be gone. This is a big sale, with everything 70% off.

Guys, don’t forget this sale includes male hair, too. Don’t ignore this post, thinking it’s for the girls only!

Now, the prices fall just outside of my usual maximum 50L$ remit for this blog, but these are two large hair stores and I know a lot of my readers like to shop there. So here are the prices in the sale:

HoH regular packs-59L
HoH double packs-87L
HoH kit & kaboodle packs-175L

BWH regular packs-53L
BHW everything packs-150L

HoH is also doing a massive clearance where you can pick up all the styles in one section for 85% off. The example given in the notecard is: Pick up all the styles in the up-do’s section of HoH (23 in all), in all the colors (60-85 in all) for 2415L which is 85% off the regular price.

So, if you’re a BWH or HoH afficionado and you want to stock up on your favourite styles in your favourite colours, head to the stores as soon as you can. I don’t know when this sale ends, so be quick!


August 8, 2009 - Posted by | for the guys, hair, limited time offers, sales, second life

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