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A treasure hunter’s top tip

I’m currently doing the Cupcake Hunt at Vinyl Cafe (join the Vinyl Cafe group, head to their sim and start hunting in the stores for ten cupcakes, some of which are teeny-tiny!). You need to touch the cupcakes with your group tag active, as it’s a group-only hunt and the prizes can’t be received by anyone not wearing the tag. (I would try things on and take some pics, but I’ve hunted myself into a headache, so once this post is done I’m off for a lie-down!)

This is a tricksy hunt! Some of the cupcakes are miniscule and very well-hidden. But there is one nifty trick you can try (outside of hunt radars and the like) that’s built into your SL viewer itself. So, if you’ve cammed around until you’re knackered, without any sign of the hunt item, hop behind the cut to find out what that nifty trick is.

OK, go anywhere there’s a hunt on. Anywhere! I don’t care! Heck, at any one time in SL at least half a dozen big hunts are ongoing, so I’m sure you can find somewhere! Or, alternatively, go back to a store where you got stumped on a hunt that’s still ongoing. Wherever you go, it doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a hunt object to be found there.

Ready for the secret?


Woah, yeah. It looks weird, right? That’s because you’re now in wireframe mode. A little tip: don’t look too closely at your avatar right now, because they’re probably all eyeballs and hair and not a lot else. And that’s kind of icky.

BUT! While you’re in wireframe mode, guess what happens? Sculpted prims (which many hunt items are made from nowadays) show up normally against the wires. Can’t find that cupcake? Look!

Be aware that normal prims will just render as wires, so if you try to move around while in wireframe mode, you’ll probably bump into walls, vendors and doorways. Just use that keyboard shortcut to toggle wireframe mode off and on while you move and then look around.

Happy hunting!


August 8, 2009 - Posted by | hints and tips, second life, treasure hunt

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