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Under a hundred

The maximum amount for any single item that I will blog about on SL for Nowt is 50L$. The new offering from House of Curios (HoC) juuust slides in at that price, and I’m so glad that it does.

Following on from their fab 10L$ Chunky Stilettos, HoC have released their MIB Stilettos. You can find them on XstreetSL (here) and in-world (here). For 50L$ these are a bargain, beautifully-made, and with twelve colour-options scripted into the shoe (just touch a shoe and choose from the dropdown menu).

UPDATE! There is now also a version of these shoes with leather and animal prints. In-world, as before, or here, on XstreetSL.

Because these shoes are so gorgeous, I thought I would try to put together a few looks using them, and I wanted to keep each look under a total cost of 100L$, hence the title of this post. I hit just two other places in SL: The Gnubie Store, and ETD. The Gnubie Store is great for free and dollarbie clothes (while you’re looking around, don’t just grab complete outfits; see if anything there might go with anything else you already have!) and ETD has one of the best clearance sections for hair and clothing.

When you land at ETD, walk a little way into the store, and pick #4 (Discounts) from the teleport board. (It’s a bit of a weird teleport, and you may have to hit the Esc button on your keyboard to bring your camera focus back to your avatar again).

On the pillar that you’ll be facing are tons of 1L$ fatpacks of hair (mens’ hair, too), and on the north wall to your right are masses more cheap colour packs. The Elika’s Pack colours of these are all 5L$, and the other packs are around 20L$. On the other hair wall, prices are a bit higher.

On the other walls, you’ll find lots of great clothing, and most prices are just 15L$. From these, and some items found at The Gnubie Store, I put together eight outfits for less than 100L$ each. Here’s just one of them:

Hop behind the cut for the others :)

Most clothing items are from ETD. Anything else comes from The Gnubie Store, so poke around there and see what you can find!

This long tee and bra set is a complete bargain, from K+Co at The Gnubie Store. One white bra and one black bra, plus seven different coloured see-through tees to wear over them, all for just 1L$ –

Ladies, we all need a Little Black Dress, don’t we? Church of Luxe has us covered at The Gnubie Store, for just 1L$ –

All poses are from Striking Poses.


August 4, 2009 - Posted by | cheapies, dollarbies, dresses, hair, second life, shoes

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