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Are you poised for a new pose store? De nada!

First up, the clothes. This is my XstreetSL bargain find of the week: Nada’s Sexy Jeans Girl. For just 10L$ you’ll get the dress (with two skirt options), boots, gloves, and the hat-with-hair. Can’t beat that!

.::Poise::. is a new pose store on the grid, and I was tickled pink by their current freebie poses, to be found in the store lobby. There are two poses: one for the boys and one for the girls, and I’ve featured them in the above pic.

The boy’s pose is a piratical one (grab the freebie sword from your Library folder and find a ship to pillage!) and the girl’s pose is a sexy Moulin Rouge one. What I love about these is that you don’t just get a pose; you also get the same pose in a poseball, which is great for positioning your avatar more accurately when you’re trying to take pics.

And that’s not all. The store has a group freebie vendor out (search for Poise in groups, and make sure you get the right one! The group founder’s name is Mojo Skytower). Inside that group freebie vendor is this utterly fab Family Portrait Chair:

(Thanks to Roxie for throwing on her male avatar there and helping me out for the pic. I know, I know; we could have poshed ourselves up a bit more!)

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Pretty as a Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus have some oh-so-pretty top and jeans sets upstairs in their store, for just 15L$ per set. This is the one Mar bought:

You can also find the shoes for 1L$ upstairs, plus a pile of other gorgeous dollarbies, lucky boards, AND a Midnight Mania board. What are you waiting for?

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[AV] goes maxi

This cute purple coat dress is the dollarbie of the week from [AV]. The version on the left, with the grey collar and underskirt, is the dollarbie, while the pink stole and underskirt on the right can be won on the lucky board. There are also matching shoes (which Mar didn’t win) in the other lucky board. The boots are from the ‘Guess and Win’ board just inside the door. The board will flip up a picture randomly, and you have to click one of the squares to see if a matching picture is behind it. Beware: this isn’t a memory game! The picture locations will change every time, but there are four items in the board and if you’re patient you can get them all. (Why not camp for the red and grey dress [20min camp] in the middle of the store while you try your luck with the board?)

Here’s another of the ‘Guess and Win’ board prizes: a lovely violet retro swimsuit:

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