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Tutorial: Making your own pose stand

Pose stands are useful things, simply because they lock your avatar into a static ‘starjump’ position, which makes it easier for you to adjust prim items such as hair and attachments without your avatar’s head following your cursor, or your AO moving you around so you can’t grab hold of small things such as jewellery, to edit them.

You probably have lots of pose stands (sometimes called ‘posing stands’ or even ‘adjustment stands’) in your inventory (although I do urge people to search inventory regularly and purge these; you only need one of them!) but if you look at them you’ll see they all have one thing in common: they’re advertising the store you got them from. And it’s perfectly understandable that a store owner will want to put their store logo onto pose stands that they give out.

Making your own pose stand, however, is simple and fun, and you can put any textures on it that you like. Hop behind the cut to find out how.

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Inventory sorting: Little and often – do it now!

You didn’t think I’d forgotten your inventory, did you? Well I haven’t, and mine needs a good seeing-to as well, since it’s been creeping up again. So here’s something you can do when you’re next in-world. It’ll take maybe fifteen minutes of your time (maybe more, if you get really stuck into it).

Open your inventory. Search, one by one, for the following, and consign them all to trash:

Float – All floating text scripts (‘float’ will catch both ‘float text’ and ‘floating text’ etc in the names)

Hover – Same as the above, for hovering text scripts (there’s a hovertext clock script in the library that you can’t delete, and if you might need to use a hovertext script for anything, such as a simple titler, then do keep one script if you don’t want to create a new one later)

Delete – This will catch all ‘[script name] – delete me!’ scripts that creators sometimes put in their packages

Thank – You’ll be surprised how many ‘thanks/thank you for buying my item!’ notecards you have

Posestand, Pose Stand, Posing, Adjustment – All of these (searched individually) will get rid of posing stands in your inventory. You only need one!

Unpacker – This will ferret out any unpacking scripts (the ones that give you the box’s contents as soon as you rez the box)

Next, move onto Landmarks. Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Open up your big Map view and click the little arrow by the Landmarks dropdown box. Scroll through it and note down the names (or a distinct word you can search for that’s in the name) of any landmarks you have more than one of. If your LM list is huge then don’t get overwhelmed: start with the ones that really catch your eye, say the ones you have more than three or four of.

Once you’ve done that, using your list, search Inventory for those LM names (or the distinct search term; for example, a store might be in a sim with a very unusual name, so search for that name) and delete all but one of the landmarks. If you’re finding a lot of actual items being pulled up (for example, your search for ‘Bewitched’ is bringing up both LMs to Bewitched Hair and the actual hair itself) then here’s a trick to use:

At the top of your inventory window, click through File > Show Filters. You’ll see an extra little window pop up. Click the ‘None’ button, and then check just the ‘Landmarks’ radio button. Now, only the landmarks with the name you’re searching for will be shown in the inventory window, and you can select them easily to send to trash. When you’re done, just click the ‘All’ button on the Filters window, or you can use the File > Reset Filters menu on the main inventory window.

So how many items did you just clear out with those few minutes of work? I got rid of 438 :)

July 26, 2009 Posted by | hints and tips, inventory management, second life | 8 Comments