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Peppermint Blue Day: Set #090220

Since I was busy at Silk Road today (more on that to follow in later posts) I thought I would designate today ‘Peppermint Blue Day’. So I’m going to showcase one of the free outfit sets at the Peppermint Blue Free Store (take the blue TP pads up to the store). This outfit can be found on the left wall, as you walk into the store:

It’s a great set, with a pair of jeans, four tops (two of which have their own outfit, but work equally well with the jeans), a sexy cutaway bodysuit (you can wear the pants with other outfits, too), and a flirty little dress. It also contains the shoes, three shapes, and 18 skins (three eyebrow colours: black, brown, red. Each of those has freckled and unfreckled versions, and for each of those there are three makeup options: Chestnuts, FreshApple, and WarmyOrange). Please note: I’m not wearing those skins in these pics!

P.S. If you ever get confused about the numbering on these sets, it helps to read them as a date, in reverse order. So, set #090220 is, reading from left to right: year (09), month (02 – February) and day (20th). So it was the release for February 20th 2009.


July 24, 2009 - Posted by | avatars, freebies, second life

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