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Peppermint Blue Day: Pirate Hunt

Arrr! The reason why I was busy at Silk Road today now becomes clear. I was taking part in the Peppermint Blue Pirate Hunt, which runs from today (July 24th) until September 6th. There are 12 prizes to be found, hidden in treasure chests around the Silk Road sim. The chests are easy to find, and inside each folder you’ll find an easy-tp landmark to the next location in the sim. The prizes are also all free, and there’s something for the guys, too!

Your start location is here. Turn around and buy the starter chest under the tree for 0L$ –

Hop behind the cut for pics that I snapped along the way, plus pics of the prizes, and a BIG warning that you MUST read before you start the hunt.

OK, here is your warning. DON’T snap up the first treasure chest that you see after grabbing the one at the start point, under the tree. If you look in the pic above, you’ll see another chest on the beach in the distance, but if you examine it, you’ll see this:

It’s set to buy for 50,000L$. Okay, I’m pretty sure you won’t have that kind of money in your L$ balance, in which case you’ll be told you can’t afford it if you try to click on it, but just be warned that it’s there! Only use the landmarks that you find in each prize folder to get to the next location.

Okay, so onward! Silk Road sim is a beautiful place, and I snapped some pics as I moved around, picking up the hunt prizes. I thought you might like to see them before we move onto pics of the hunt prizes, because this sim is well worth exploring, and the hunt takes you to some amazing locations.

I found this beached pirate ship toward the end of the hunt. It’s very awkward to get onto, but there are fun poseballs to sit on and take some pics. I was a bit wary about standing up afterwards!

Next to it was this gorgeous tent (I would love to have this on a beach!) Lots of great poseballs for photo-ops:

You know you have prims to spare when you can rez a 78-prim plate of kebabs and a 45-prim plate of cakes. I’m hungry now!

I’ve been to Silk Road countless times before, and yet I never looked up so that I could see this:

Just… wow. It just goes to show what you can miss when you’re only hopping around after freebies and not keeping your eyes open for some of the amazing creations that are out there:

OK, on with the hunt prize snapshots!

Yay! The boys get a look-in with a great pirate outfit, too!

I can’t adjust prim eyelashes to save my life, so I hope these look okay! They’re fabulous!

These earrings are tiny, and it was hard to get a good shot of them, but they’re beautiful:

This bikini is the first prize, and it comes in three colours. I only screencapped the pink one:

While you’re in Silk Road, look for the free-to-buy watermelon from the ‘Slice of Summer’ hunt that’s currently ongoing. You’ll find it right next to the last treasure chest in the hunt (hint: don’t wake him up!) Inside it is this full outfit, including shoes and hair (the hair is fabulous!) –

Now, grab yer cutlass and go hunt some treasure, me hearties! Arr!


July 24, 2009 - Posted by | second life, treasure hunt


  1. Hanauta “Funny Barrel” doesn’t sound funny to me. The other day I ran across a tshirt priced at 100,000. Not funny either. I can’t imagine that anyone with a balance so high is dumb enough not to notice the price tag, but still … I bet there’s not even anything in the barrel :)

    Comment by Serene Fairey | July 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. Agreed, Serene. I really couldn’t see the point of it being there. I suppose at least it’s priced so ridiculously that nobody but the filthy-rich (in SL terms) would be able to buy it anyway, but I’m still scratching my head over why it’s there, especially in such a prominent place, so close to the start point, unless it’s to make fun of people who click mindlessly. Who knows?

    Comment by Mar | July 24, 2009 | Reply

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