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Tuli – ‘Hope’ skins and white shirt

My goodness, what a plethora of beautiful skins are going for a virtual song in SL right now! First up, we have Tuli, whose exclusive group gift is these lovely Hope skins (not all shown here) :

Hope comes in five skintones (pale, fair, sunkissed, tan, dark tan) and with four brow options for each tone (light, red, brown, black).

Search for the Tuli Update Group in-world. Then, hop over to the mainstore and, with your group tag activated, click the big mushroom in the middle of the store, behind the tree, to receive your skin pack.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pay-to-join group, and it will cost you 250L$ to join. It’s an incredibly generous group, with multiple packs of skins such as this one coming through to its members very frequently. In my humble opinion, it’s a group that’s worth paying to join, if you like the skins. If you’re uncertain, why not hop over to the Tuli mainstore, grab some demos to try on, and see if Tuli’s skins suit you?

Also sent out to the group is this pretty, wide-sleeved white shirt (note, the skin in this pic is not by Tuli!) :

The shirt will be in group notices until August 4th at the latest, so you’ve got a while to get it yet.


July 23, 2009 - Posted by | group freebies, pay-to-join groups, skins

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